Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mgona, Wednesday 26th August

Bless the Lord! We have come from Mgona. It has been a long while since we have been ministering consistently. With teams on the ground, we ease up to give people time to do other things but Edward and I were ecstatic to be back. It was a true miracle as Edward was down for two weeks and no doctor knew that was wrong with him. He could not walk or move about. But bless God, this morning we were together.

The call just came and we were told that the people were gathered and waiting. We dashed out and prayed throughout the journey there because we had no word.... But God, who is strong in the face of our weaknesses, came through.

We had a bible study, teaching the tools for studying the word and asking the questions that the Holy Spirit answers. It was the first time they had been in bible study. We divided the group into four and had them pick a portion of scripture to discuss. For many, this was the first time they have ever had bible study, where THEIR contributions mattered. It was the first time, as one person told me, ‘that I have been asked to do more than listen to someone talk.’

Being with this group is amazing. These are men and women who are living everyday by faith. They get up every morning and trust God to keep them healthy and put food on their tables so they can take their meds. These are people who challenge the mindsets of community life and fight to get people to understanding that being tested is far better than being afraid. They are the banners of change and hope that we raise in the communities. Ministering to them takes guts...what can you say to people that have endured and can truly tell you that they have counted it all joy during hardships. I feel very inept when with them. They teach me...with their raised hands and great smiles. They teach me to stop being petty with my little issues that I amplify. Being with them puts life in perspective. And when we leave...our hearts are full. What a privilege to be a part such a glorious body. Sometimes I feel like there is nothing greater than the diversity of the body of Christ. So many parts, so beautiful and tried and proved through pain and sorrow yet here they are, living and singing their hearts to Jesus. So I come away from ministering to them having been ministered to. I ponder and think about the goodness of God, and I realise that each one of those beautiful souls is treasured by Him, loved passionately.

So, yes, i did go and teach about the dying to the law and all the demands of trying to please God in order to be right with God versus surrendering to the free gift of life in Christ. Yes, we shared and experienced God but I too, received. I came away more thankful for the life that I have. I came away in awe of the true strength of a life lived in God. It is never known what we can take until it is upon us.