Monday, January 31, 2011

raising the bar - a renewed passion

2010 was a year filled with awe. We had a slogan...”WOZA 2010”. Woza, it is a south African term loosely meaning “come forward” or “advance”. And we did see GOD advance and the ministry advance and more than anything, the lives of the people we love in community advance; not advance in our direction but in that of their dreams. More children were fed, more lives saved and more care given to those who would otherwise be a statistic. We ended the year filled with purpose for the next. There was work to be done and we were the labourers. 

2011...the start of this year has already told us what to expect. “Raise the bar – a renewed passion...God is doing a new thing, can you not perceive it?” these are Theresa’s words. God has truly blessed us, confirming to us yet again that HE is the SOMEBODY that CARES. With 10 new feeding centres that have opened up, it means we now have 25 feeding centres, giving a nutritious meal to over 5,000 children! It is a new year and God is doing a new thing!

The energy around the office is one of excitement. There is so much that is “new”. We have new staff this year. Nicole Bunderson has joined us and lends her expertise as a photographer and writer to reporting and helping to keep all our partners and friends up to speed because there is much to be done and we are in this together. Yes...Moses, Edward, Singano, Fatimata, Katherine, Charmaine, Phiri, Steve, Theresa (and the other Theresa), Chipi, Nicole, Mary and me....Together , WE are DOING that new thing that God is doing...we - as in you over the oceans and we in the warm heart of Africa.

With a ‘new thing’ comes progress...change. For one thing, the style of partnership in community has grown. We now have core groups made up of leading members of different ministry components of SC. Support Group, Widows, Youth, Chiefs all make up a part of the group that will speak for their community. This way, they can have ‘more’ of a say in what takes place in their communities. It is EMPOWERING. It means OWNERSHIP. It means RESPONSIBILITY. These are not words easily learnt and it has taken years for communities to begin to take the wheel and steering their way forward. 

This year you will find many voices coming through on this blog. Through it I hope you hear of all that is happening, experience the wonderful works that God prepared beforehand that we should walk in. I pray you join us on this journey.