Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mngwangwa 8th October

OUR SPECIAL ELITE FORCE, AS Gideon’s army reduces in number as the training intensifies. We were in Mngwangwa today. We have not been for two weeks as a week earlier the government was distributing ‘fertilizer subsidy’ coupons. We returned and found the group already present. Within this group are those desperate to learn...their hunger puts me to shame. In this group is Cathy, who walks the equivalent of a 25 minute drive. I dare not calculate how long it takes her, and yet...she doesn’t miss a single session. Sometimes I do not know what to do with that. Saying that it is humbling doesn’t fit. It puts me to and my big car and comfortable life and her...with her passion for God. I am in awe as I watch her through the teaching. Her face shines, always. At first I thought it was the Vaseline she uses but i have since put aside my foolish analysis and concluded that it is the love of God I see. It is for her that, when life gets tough, we plough on.

We are in the final leg of our teaching on discipleship – making disciples. It is my favourite topic and so I enjoy every moment of it. We talk about Christ our example of true discipleship and how we can learn from Him. Having been disciple and still being disciple as well as discipling others, it is not information that we are putting out; it is revelation. I cannot imagine my life without the one who chose to take me and allow the Holy Spirit to use her hands to push me and press me and lift me and on occasion, beat me. Oh yes, I am grateful that I am not left to my own because, with all that has been entrusted to me, how can I handle it all. There must be someone who says, “get off the field and rest a while”, or, “get off the field, you are injured”. And so I am infused with passion as we talk about the blessing of bearing the fruit of discipleship by discipling another. I, of course talk about my disciples, both the joys and pains. I feel like a parent, showing off her kids to all. And the more I speak, the more I realise how much I am privileged. For is it not a privilege to be entrusted with the life of another, to guide and be companion to them? Is it not in the footsteps of Elijah and Elisha, or Moses and Joshua, or Naomi and Ruth and Jesus and His 12? As you can tell, I get preachy about all this....

After our ministry, we talk about the exam the following week. Many are afraid of it but we talk about it...those that cannot read and write are to have oral exams while the others must show themselves approved by studying. It is the first time for many and we are waiting with expectation for what will happen on the 15th.

Sadly Edward’s phone goes missing. We are not sure where it went for we only discovered it missing half way home. We are sure it fell out as he exited the car. It puts a damper on an otherwise joyous day. In silence we drive back....

Now, I sit here writing and thinking about the cost of ministry. I am not just talking about the phone, but more about everything else, neither am I only speaking of us. Come what may, our hearts remain firmly focused on the mission and our voices rise up to declare... “Let me preach or I die!”


In Tambala we came across the special seven. Coming into the meeting it seemed that the room was filled with people but we only found seven faithful saints. Sometimes when numbers decrease the flesh wants to shout and take offense but each life is precious to God. I say that now but it took a little more than that to get me praising God. I was a little disappointed at the turnout. Afterall I had just spent hours preparing and not to mention the dusty trip that trips up my allergies. Was is all for this? It took a while, during the praise and worship but God eventually got through to me that each of these seven souls were loved and cherished by Him and then He reminded me how He changed the world with 12.

After that we were in full swing. We were answering questions from the group. our first challenge was “why Jesus spoke in parables”. Short of going into doctrinal discussions we taught. It was Frank, the youth leader’s question. Frank is a handsome and beautifully hearted young man. I have always seen him dressed in a smile. He is devoted to his little group and I feel for this young man. Tambala is steeped in “Gule Wankulu” ancestral worship. They even use little boys for their ceremonies. And here are seven eager young youths. Amongst them is Tereza. She is so hungry that it challenges me...she is without a doubt, a natural born leader.

We talk about frequencies and how hearing God is about tuning into the Spirit Station. We talk about being born in sin and how we are born listening to “Radio Dyabu” translated “Radio Devil”. He feeds us with his lies throughout our lives UNTIL THE DAY WE SWITCH TO SPIRIT STATION. So, though we have a radio, it really is no use to us unless we are tuned into the right frequency. So, hearing we do not hear as Isaiah put it. Three other young people join us as we talk but soon leave (my suspicion was the topic being discussed).

The great joy of the day was the Full Life Study Bibles we gave them. They had never seen anything like it and so we took the time to go through all the features. To some this would seem boring but my heart came alive with the first time I held a Full Life Study Bible. We went through the articles and the charts. We discussed references of scripture and how to use them. We looked at the commentaries below the verses and how not to become totally dependent on them but to always seek the Holy Sprit when reading. Eventually we came to the concordance! What a joy! It was like the gold at the end of a great dig. Here they could search out any topic and be able to find scriptures that had those words...we spent some time there just enjoying the moment. God was with us and He was delighting in us delighting in having access to such a treasure. There is truly no greater gift to give other than a bible...knowing that you are introducing someone to a wellspring that never runs dry. In it is a hospital, a counsellor, a love letter, instructions to life and so much more.

Right at the end we played a song by a precious young man (using the car) Kelvin, a hip hop song about leaving the world behind and truly making a stand for Christ. We huddled around the car speakers and bobbed our heads to the beat. It was a sweet moment. It was to change their mindsets about music and what they think is ‘cool’. I could tell they were overwhelmed having never heart gospel hip hop.

We left feeling mellow and peaceful. Having spent time with so precious a group, we returned feeling privileged to have been entrusted to bless them. Someone out gave towards bibles and I want you to know that you are changing lives. I am so privileged to see but you are more so that your rewards awaits you with the Father, who has seen your secret act of kindness and will award you openly. Praise God and praise Him again. Pray that these seven would have their hearts totally transformed, that they would discover the world that is unseen through the scriptures. Pray with us that we are raising up Gideons who will fearlessly enter the enemy territory and see the salvation of the Lord.