Monday, December 8, 2008

2nd December 2008, Lumbadzi

Lumbadzi. It is a 5 minute drive from the airport...left, so it took us 30 minutes to get there. This was a pastors’ fraternity that had asked us to come and talk about discipleship. We arrived and there were three or four of them present. We waited for some time for more to arrive and eventually they did. In the end, we had 27 pastors.

The teaching was on discipleship, but God had spin on it. We fail to disciple because it takes too much; too much time, too much of ourselves. Witnessing Christ is simpler, over between ten and thirty minutes. Discipling is investment. It is hard and challenging. Follow me as I follow Christ, Paul taught. He was willing to step up to walk circumspect, willing to be a reflection that could be trusted, willing to be openly transformed into the likeness of Christ. Discipleship is a subject dearest to my heart. I have been discipled by great women and I have been the better for it. I am the poster girl for this subject. I have always wanted to be discipled, knowing that it is a key part of becoming who I needed to be. There have been tears and laughs, hugs and evil glares (from me...) but I would not trade any of it. Everything, hard and soft, understood and not, all make me Keta. There are things I have taken and they are a part of what I do and there are things that I have not taken and they have taught me how not to be and so all the discipling I have sat under and will continue to in future, I will never regret. This was the place where I came from and the reason why I loved talking about it. My disciple came. I look at her and some others and I know that, at least with this...I did okay.
God has me in that place though; the place where I want to dig a hole and disappear. I hear the words coming out of my mouth and I am afraid. Moses comes to mind. Don’t get me wrong, by no means am I comparing myself to this incredible man or his extraordinary circumstances. I’m just saying that he is the one I identify with when I am speaking to men of God and rebuking them. There I was, this ‘no one’ telling these pastors about what they need to look into.

“A disciple maker...” was the opening line of every point I had. I could sense the anger in some, the conviction in others and encouragement from my team. We told them they could stone me later but that I was sent by God and they should, at least listen before throwing anything our way. When I usually say this, many think I am joking. No so, many times I sense the anger and I get a little afraid that I am crossing lines that aren’t meant to be crossed. I minister in communities where almost no women are in leadership, let alone going about rebuking anyone. It is humbling to speak to men who are pastors and let God say His piece. It is not that I was not afraid, because I was. It is usually that God knows that I would chicken out and so He uses me as his mouth piece on the spot and much of what I’m hearing is news to me too right there and then.

So there we were, in a new place, no reputation, no relationship upon which to suddenly be rebuking...but there we were speaking out. Pastors want to fill the churches and collect in on tithes and feed their families and so some things about discipleship aren’t appealing to them. Here are some of the points we covered. Using John the Baptist, we talked about how a true disciple maker:

• A disciple maker is one who first of all knows his place. One who puts himself in clear perspective to the Christ. So often people are more honouring of their pastors than of the Holy Spirit. A worship of pastors has begun to filter into the church as more and more pastors place themselves above others. The elevation of this part of the five-fold ministry has been such that pastors are becoming more and more isolated and elevated. Few speak up and bring true clarity so men and woman cannot make this mistake that we tend to make....
• One who gives a clear understanding of Christ to his disciples. On so many occasions people are being introduced to the job giver, the rent payer, the money maker and yet John make it clear who he was revealing...the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

As a result, the disciples were free to follow Christ and leave John. So many people are fearful of leaving their churches because it is construed as a betrayal. People ought to be free to follow Jesus when He leads them. Should it be such a horrid thing for a person to say, “I am not fitting here, I believe that I should be at the church down the street.” Most would not even tell their pastor. They just disappear. Not that they don’t care but because leaving is seen as a betrayal. Yet, the allegiance was not to pastors as individuals, nor to the fraction of the vision that they hold but the allegiance is to Christ and where He leads, every man, woman and child should be free to follow. There were more points but as I love this subject so much, I am fearful of writing a book right here and now and subjection the reader of this blog to that...

We spoke about allowing the disciple to learn in transparency and authenticity by being open about strengths and weaknesses as Paul was when he shared his weaknesses. sharing his weaknesses allowed for God's strength to be made manifest. We also spoke about the disciple maker not being afraid of tough love...not being afraid of losing a good tither through offense, trusting that God knows just what each of us needs to get us out of the enemy’s danger zone.

In the end we asked the question: “how far have we come? What is the difference between us today and the old church where the priest was distinct in garments, people bowed to them and they had special treatment? Have we not replaced altar boys with ushers who usher in the man of God during worship, as if the worship has set a stage for the entrance for the pastor? How far have we truly come and what, what will the Groom say of the best man’s treatment of His bride when He comes?”

Well, going home, I was relieved. We made it out in one piece. We went in, spoke the word, and made it out. It was exhilarating. The anointing is quite powerful. Courage and power all rolled into one...enough to let you know that, what just happened in there, is not you. Thank God too. I truly believe that if I had to do that alone, I would get stoned. This is not to say that they will not stone me with the anointing...look at Stephen. All I’m saying is that, thank God for God.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

1st December 2008, Mgona

They came from everywhere, some on bikes, with their wives behind, others on foot. They came from as far as about 30 kilometres away and I was brought to a place of wonder as I watched, together with Felix as they drew up to the shed at Mgona. On our own journey here, we had found 23 women from Mtandile (volunteers and the zone leader) waiting for us. These ladies have joined us on every trip we have made since October. It is very humbling to see them there, always dressed in their uniforms and waiting, seated on the side of the road. When they enter the minibus, they sing throughout. It is incredible. This time they taught us a new song and it has been with me since.... “Someone has to preach, if these won’t go, Lord send me.”

Arriving in Mgona, there is worship already happening at the shed. Hunger for God can change even the custom of things, I believe. The communities are not ‘time conscious’ per se but here they all were, praising God. A few minutes after arriving is when I saw them...riding up, walking up. The largest group came from Mngwangwa, Milanzi leading with his wife on the back of his bike (these were the ones that travelled the longest distance. The remainder were zone leaders that came from Matanda, Deya, Mzondo, Mbvunguti and Tambala each bringing one or two others with them. Cycling for an hour and a half is one thing...doing it with someone on the back of your bike is another. It calls to question what we are willing to do to hear the word. It challenges me as to my level of desperation to hear from God. Yes, all I have to do is get in the car to go to a meeting, or switch on the television to hear a message. I wonder in what other ways do I show my level of commitment to Him, whose I am. I wonder if I will live long enough to experience that level of need. I pray that however it will manifest, I will want Him in that way...

So, we filled the shed with 227 people.... That was the moment I stopped, when I saw how quickly the shed filled up. I know that it is not about the numbers but I am often taken aback at the responsibility that is magnified when I face these crowds. Am I REALLY the one God wants speaking to these precious souls? After all, He loves these people; He loved them to death, literally. How responsible am I to this call and am I up to it? Even though these questions scare me, they help me keep myself in perspective. Once I begin ministering it all goes but as I watch everyone, they are my sizers – as in they help me keep things in perspective. No one is up to being responsible for all these hearts. Only the Holy Spirit and He is available to me. Ah, yes, these are the moments I reach in. We all need him, all of the time but He helps us at times to get a clear picture of just how much. This was one of those moments for me.

Praise and worship is amazing. We have different pastors leading. Phiri, Study, Milanzi and others. The message begins to unfold right there, the harmony of believers. It is a wonderful thing when the brethren...funny how we love that old word...when the body of believers dwell together in unity.

As it happens, this is our topic – unity. We start off by telling everyone that praying for unity is like me desperately praying for God to make me a woman. Everyone laughs but soon we begin to understand. Why pray for something already given. I am a woman, praying for God to make me a woman is foolish. Fasting for it and spending whole nights before God’s face for it is pointless. I am a woman. We are united, a unit. We are baptised by one Spirit into one body. We are ONE.
We ask the question: “If a man and woman are married and they fight all the time, are they one?” the group says no, so we read Genesis 2:24. We ask the question again. We get the same answer. We read it again and then we get a different answer. Everyone begins to get it. Unity is about WHAT we are. Harmony is about HOW we operate. Unity is what GOD has done; harmony is what we do in response to HIM.
What we are not is harmonious – the manifestation or glory of that unity. I may be a woman but perhaps I fail to function as one...therefore, my prayers ought to be that ‘God help me function in action according to what you have made me to be. May I glorify You; manifest you according to your design.’ So too the church of Jesus Christ. May we manifest the design of God for the church. It is a wonderful time together of learning and breaking long set-in, solidified mindsets. We begin to talk about seeing each other as what God has decreed us to be so we may glorify Him. We talk about whose the church is and how He shares her with no one...not even with those He has entrusted her maturing to.

In essence, our message was about understanding just how God has made us one for the purpose of fulfilling HIS will and how we need to take our eyes off of ourselves and reach out to one another because no one by their lonesome can fulfil HIS will for the church and ultimately for the world as the church is God’s chosen vehicle for the restoration of the world.

During the entire teaching, the men sat on the floor and the women on the seats. Oh, yes, we went there! Broke the custom just this once, and totally threw everyone off their game. We changed things around during worship (calling the men forward) and God had us keep it that way throughout our time together. The men were very good about it and it was the women that were more uncomfortable when we first asked everyone to sit right where they were. Eventually they settled down and we were able to minister together. It was interesting to see the men on the floor and the women on the benches. I was afraid that they would utterly reject the command as I made it just after worship was over; never before have I ever seen men on the floor while women sat on benches. But God was good to simply say to us all, “There is nothing wrong with asking this, is there?”

When we were done there was amazing response to the word. Different leaders spoke out about how the word had affected them. A bishop, Mbewe, pleaded for the message to keep going and asked if it were possible for us to reach the area where he was from with the word of God. As he spoke, my heart responded. He was a like a father pleading for his children. There was an amazing presence about him. He spoke like one who had walked with the Lord for years and was peaceable and lovely. I cannot explain it well but I was honoured to be in his presence. I knew he was a rare and beautiful manifestation of our Father.

Chief Bonongwe said this: “Mgona has been sleeping for so long but I feel we are waking up. I am not sure if we need to change its name (Mgona means sleeping) but we need to wake up to the word of God. I can feel this awakening. I celebrate that all these people have joined us here today but I am looking forward to the day Mgona fills this shed, all by ourselves. We need the word here and I appreciate that my brother, the bishop wants you to go where he is but all I can say is that Mgona needs to wake up, needs to arise.” It was so touching. Chief Bonongwe is a sweet soft spoken man and every time he says something, I just listen.

So, after an hour of different people speaking (it was God speaking and it was wonderful to see the body talking to one another and remember, this is Africa, we are very big on hellos and goodbyes) they took a collection. I always am amazed at how Mgona always takes up a collection for “fantas for the teaching team”, they say. In the beginning I always wanted to say ‘no thank you’ but God reminded me that they were not giving to me but to Him and that it is their joy to do so and that I had no right to take that away from them. Humbling and true. So, we thanked everyone for their gift of “fanta money”...well it was almost a thousand Kwacha (US$5.50). We used it as part of our lunch, bless them.

we left amidst the fellowship of the saints. our 23 ladies sang all the way home. i meditated. i thought of how much bigger this all is than me or anyone else for that matter. i am but a drop in the multiple oceans of God's purpose. but blessed is he that is a drop in the multiple oceans of God's purpose. all of us, drops that make up collectively, the multiple oceans of God's purpose. the thing is, each drop is needed to make up the MULTIPLE OCEANS. thank God for you all because it takes us working together, each doing our part, to manifest Him in the earth and the earth and its residence are all desperately longing for that manifestation (even if they do not know it yet). smile, because this is too marvelous to comprehend!

Monday, December 1, 2008

26th November 2008, Tambala

I have never been to Tambala to minister, or otherwise. It would be the first time and we were on our way there. It is Wednesday and we have a combo, with youth ministry in Kalimbira in the afternoon. We get there after many twists and turns on a very difficult road. As I watched Felix manoeuvre his way, I wondered how difficult it would be during the rainy season. I kicked off this year with pushing the little truck out of a muddy situation in Mgona and the memories are beginning to return...nothing like a good push and puddles of mud to put life in perspective.

The room is full and worship is on when we arrive. We huddle in a small room and it fills up as we worship. In the end, we are 57 people in a room that is 3 by 6, in other words, we are packed.

The word is on salvation, as is the usual when we go to a new place (as the Lord leads). Interestingly, this is the first place ever where the women are outspoken. They attempt to answer without fear. The youth too are outspoken. It is wonderful to have the pastors and women and youth all together. So we go through what sin is and what death is so that we can finally come to the understanding of what true Life is. I love teaching on the basics, i love foundations. They are beautiful to lay down and even more beautiful to see someone get it. So we taught and they loved it! There was so much other place, have the people been so open in the first meeting.

At the close of the teaching, 29 people made a decision to have a relationship with Jesus. We did not sing as they stood and we did not close our eyes. We had talked about understanding the pure joy of coming to Christ in the open, in honesty and transparency, just as He gave Himself up for us in the open and in all transparency and honesty. For the first five minutes only one lady stood and then...suddenly a whole group began to rise. 29 people! It reminds me of the 29 that were baptised in the Spirit a few weeks back. God is doing some amazing things and I get to go along for the ride and write about it! I cannot express the incredible wonder that overtook me. And then there comes the pain of thinking of the many places where people do not understand, where they are told that all they need do is be baptised, or join a church to be saved. So many people come to Christ in the communities and yet it feels like we barely put a dent in the lack of teaching that is out there.
There are moments when sadness overtakes me, even at incredible moments like these. I guess it is the combination that allows for the hunger to continue, to always be there, a driving force. And it is there! Next year we want to get out to four new places, as we slowly come out of Mngwangwa so that we can build other communities. So many places where basic teaching has been lacking.

At the end, Alex (the young and vibrant zone leader) made a short heart warming speech: “ For so long the sign post has been pointing to other places, like Mngwangwa (he said this smiling at Milanzi and Nkhoma, who has come with us) but now it has turned towards us. We can keep it faced towards us by how we respond” he said to the group and then turned to us, “Don’t leave us like this. Please come continuously, like sasakawa (sasakawa is a hybrid of maize that you plant close together).” It makes us smile.

Two women with sick children came for prayer. These are the moments that i feel discouraged. I want the faith that heals the sick. I want the signs that follow the preaching of the gospel. I close my eyes and put my hand on the first feverish child and the temperature remains. I know i should believe to receive but i am a little discouraged. God help me, is my prayer. The second child has a hole in her leg, from an injection gone wrong. obviously the mother has allowed it to get to this stage, possibly because she lacks the money to get to a doctor or just didn't know what to do. I cover it with my hands and almost cry. This is something antibiotics could have changed. I pray and at the end peer slowly at it hoping (or is it wishing) that a miracle has occurred...and no, not the one i want. I hear God saying that we should get her to a good doctor, so we tell Alex to bring her to the office so she can get to a good clinic. Not quite the acts of the apostles but answer to prayer nonetheless.

We leave for Kalimbira but when we get there, the rain has sent the youth home. I get a chance to see the place they meet and it is heartbreaking. This is the body of Christ and while in the city we continue to build monuments as testimonials to the awesome God we serve, the dilapidated building speaks to more of what we really are. I am in absolute shock. How can we continue to ignore this? People cannot meet and pray together because of the rain. there is barely a roof and puddles of water are between the mud pews. Not that I remove any responsibility from the community for not caring for the place of worship but we are the body and we ought to be there for each other. So, I went to teach and it is I that learnt. I learnt that there is so much work yet to be done, so much to learn, so much to speak out about and that, as part of the body, I have a part to play. We all do. No one, no matter how awesome can take the body where it needs to go by their lonesome. no church, no ministry, no city, no country. this is a job for the body. We need each other.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

7th November 2008, Mngwangwa

When you wake up in the morning, you never know that this day holds a miracle that I will be a part of. We are all pieces of the puzzle that reflects the glory of God and there are days when the reflection is right where you are and so this was for me today. Having spent the week looking for a word, praying, being silent…nada, zinch, zero. So there we were, on our way with nothing to say. Felix had made an invitation to the zone leaders for anyone wanting to join us on our way to Mngwangwa and they showed up and then some. We ended up picking 16 people from different points who wanted to come with us to hear the teaching. The vehicle was beyond packed, sardines have better breathing space because we had stuff to deliver in Mngwangwa too along with Diamond’s bike. Anyhow, we made it.

We arrived amidst singing and praising God and still. We joined in the worship already taking place in the room after getting the youth to join us, which was the only thing I felt led to do. Little did I know that it was all God needed…He took over. The worship was awesome with people leading from everywhere leading. For a while I thought perhaps this was all we were meant to do today until….

Midway through, the Spirit of the Lord nudges me and takes my hand and leads me. We keep standing and I begin talking to the youth about the Holy Spirit, about being empowered to be. We begin by speaking about the youth that are the NOW church and yet are sitting in the bandstands watching the older run the race as they cheer and never take up the baton and run themselves. Out of the entire group, none are baptised in the Spirit. So we go through John 20:22, Acts 1:6-8, Acts 8, Acts 10, Acts 19 giving the youth the opportunity to see in the word this subject that is often debated. We speak about the difference between witnessing and being a witness. We speak of power – His power and I reminisce about the time I was baptised in the Spirit. I tell them about how God touched me and changed me forever when He empowered me to BE that witness. I step out in faith and declare that God is going to do it with them. All we need to do is believe and open our mouths so the Spirit of God can give us words. An interesting analogy pops up. We are like megaphones. The megaphone gives voice to the speaker, like our mouths give voice to the Holy Spirit in us speaking things to the Father. But a megaphone has a button that has to be pressed down in order for the sound to be heard. That is our choice. We can cooperate with Him and thus hear Him out of our mouths or we can choose never to depress that button and never hear. We talk about how this is not a church issue or a denominational issue but a God issue.

We invite those who want to be baptised in the Holy Spirit and 31 people come forward. I have the faith to believe but what God does goes beyond me. In a matter of minutes 29 people begin speaking in a language from above, 29 people! I stood in wonder as part of me prayed and laid hands… I stood in wonder. Today when I woke up, I never knew I would be witness to a miracle. What is frustrating is trying to articulate the atmosphere and the energy and the awe and wonder that filled us as we saw God lay His hand on the hunger of the young people for more of Him. It was amazing. Even now, I am writing and yet I sit in wonder and stare….

We did a little exercise after with eyes open and each person individually spoke in tongues so that the fear of shame and embarrassment would flee, so the devil would not come in with his lies and deter them. Earlier I had asked them to repeat after me…’procrastinate’ and they did. I asked them if the understood what they had just said. They said no. I asked them if they were embarrassed to have said it and they said no. ‘So, why are we embarrassed to speak what the Spirit is uttering in our spirit?’ that had them thinking and slowly the mindsets had broken to make way for the liberty that is found where the Spirit of God is. 29 people. What almost brought me to tears and it does so now as I write is one of the faithful grannies who always comes, she was baptised in the Spirit and she spoke with other tongues… in her eighties! It was overwhelming. God will do anything with anyone so long as we are willing to believe. It was incredible to hear her speak in a heavenly tongue. I was touched and so were all who heard her as they applauded God.

It was hard to say goodbye. There was so much expectation in the air. We had stood for two hours and 15 minutes from the start of worship until the end and it only proved what God had said. There are things we can only do when we are empowered by Him to do them.

I witnessed a miracle today and for a while got to see God move and touch people around me. I witnessed a miracle today in that the prayers I have prayed all year were fulfilled in that moment. I witnessed a miracle today and what a privilege to have the Spirit of God lead us by the hand and invite us into His workings. There was so much joy, so much excitement and we sang all the way home, giving glory to God who, rightfully, had blown our minds, expanded our expectation of Him and stretched our faith to believe that anything can happen when you believe!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Saturday, November 1st, Mngwangwa

The car was silent for the most part, odd as we were five people going in the same direction. Interestingly, it did not bother me too much even though I did question it some. Upon arrival worship was on and we joined in together and worshipped. We were in the medical room and so space became a factor but we made do. In the end we were 69 people and a little bit of a squeeze for those sitting. Midway through worshipped we stopped and spoke about Whom we are worshipping and expanded on how great and awesome He is. Sometimes worship becomes such a routine that it is a wonder how we can address such an awesome wonder of a God in that manner… casually, routinely.

The incredible thing though, about the communities, is that worship has no timeline. It isn’t twenty minutes here and then let’s get down to business. These are the people I feel most comfortable worshipping with. It is total abandonment… each to his own. If there is a place I can fall on my face, it is here. Here there is no protocol and no rules (said or unsaid). We challenged everyone to think on how awesome God is and then dare to give Him a lazy praise. There is a reason He created us the way He did. Why give of our energy and strength and passion to someone we can see and yet with Him throw scraps? I have heard on many occasions that as Africans we are always jumping about in praise and we need to learn to have heart too. I often wonder if heart is slow and sways to and fro… For me to stand still is impossible, not in my makeup. This is why we cannot teach others how to worship. We have to teach people about God and let them respond to Him and not a system! We spend a little time talking about giving all to God and then the praise and worship changes. There is a sense of abandonment and release that is sweet. It is beautiful and seems to go on forever. I haven’t been in this atmosphere for some time and I have missed it.

As we worship God gives me an analogy which I share with everyone once we sit down. There is a MK1 coin, MK100, MK500 and 50 pound notes on my hand.
“Some of us worship God like He is a MK1 coin. Worth nothing much and we approach Him that way. Others it is MK100, nice to have but not much. To some He is a MK500 note and we celebrate some because we value the MK500 to some degree. But then there are those to whom He is like a 50 pound note.” I give them the choice of picking one of the notes between the MK500 and the 50 pounds. They pick the MK500.
“We choose this because it makes sense to us, we understand its value. But God is beyond this. He is beyond simple understanding. He is like this 50 pounds, which is worth MK15,000.00 (this get everyone giving oohs and aahs). “No one picked it because no one knows it. But God is worth taking the risk, trusting that He is more than what we see. This is why if we found someone celebrating over 50 pounds we think them foolish. What are you celebrating? What is it? We do not know the value of something we do not understand fully. And even after we are told its value, we don’t really believe it and are not willing to go there to the place they tell you to go and make the exchange. There are people speaking some odd language and calling it heavenly! What nonsense, some may say, and yet… it is my 50 pounds and perhaps you don’t understand and so you choose not to go there but I do and so it is for worship.”

All the while I am in awe of God and how He can bring us to understand things. I was there speaking and yet watching and listening and asking myself, “how do you Keta, worship God?” I thought He had changed the message and yet it was only our introduction to our subject, which was the woman at the well. This was a true challenge for me as it was the first time I brought a subject of something I was studying and brought it as it was, not something I had lived but was living right now. I was very nervous as to how I could teach it as it is a subject close to my heart as I am that women at the well. The message is fresh and raw and personal. I prayed throughout asking for the Holy Spirit to help me and He brought it! Oh yes He did! It was also the first time I did not simplify a subject and just taught it as I would to anyone, trusting God in this case to help us all rise to where He wanted us in order for us to receive. It was about reception. Teaching a subject is not tough until you take into consideration, the reception. What is the point of bringing a power message if the people you are addressing have no reception to it? It is like baiting a certain type of fish with the wrong stuff. It may work for other but not these.

I was excited and on fire as I watched most of us rise to the place where we could receive. It was beautiful to see, to speak, to hear. Sidwell Mwale could not keep still and he was my eye contact person (I always have one). I just knew God was breaking things in us. He was opening us up and exposing us, like He did that woman at the well. HE was exposing our questioning of His capability to meet our needs and whether we truly believe Him to be our saviour or are we like this woman who, in the end, still said, “I know Messiah is coming.” You may be God but I am waiting for another deliverance to my situation. And yet Jesus says, “I am it. I am He. Stop looking for something else to come along and save you from what is going on with you. I am He.”

We left changed. I left transformed. Much has happened in the time I have been away from the villages and it was only then that I could see a glimpse of the Potter’s hands on me. Seeing eyes catching words that seemed to come from a place even I did not know of was incredible. Experiencing the same as I spoke was beyond explanation. There is no room to think you are ‘all that and a bag of chips’, not when you know that you are in the hands of the great ventriloquist!

The trip back was noisy and full of energy! Everyone wanted to speak at once. Edward testified about how violently ill he was the previous night and that morning. He thought he needed to get to a hospital and didn’t sleep from 2 in the morning. Against all that he made his way to the office challenging the enemy all the way. He couldn’t ride his bike because he was so weak and instead used public transport and yet here he was bursting with energy. Last time he was coming into the village to interpret with me he lost his voice, no cough, no warning, just woke up without his voice. We prayed and he managed to share. His recent testimony made us smile. Ah, that ancient serpent whose ways never change.

There are things you do because you love them. There are things you do because you have to and there are things you do because that is natural course of the thing. We breathe in and out because it is natural. When I teach in the communities, it feels like I have just stepped into exactly what I was created to do. What a blessing. What a treasure for God to entrust such awesome beautiful hearts to us. Every time we leave them, we leave home and in the midst of the joy is a tinge of sadness.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

6th - 7th September 2008, Mngwangwa

The return to ministry is like breathing after a long time holding my breath. Everything falls into place. The world can be all that it is but somehow it isn’t as hard as it was. We returned to Mngwangwa. It is our second week. Every month we spend 4 days in Mngwangwa. We had distributed about 100 bibles to the people there but with the firm warning that everyone should read and memorise scripture. It is hard to give a weapon to a soldier that places it under a tree and goes to sleep… it is hard to do this when weapons are few and the war is raging! So, we did the classroom thing… if you got as bible from us, you had to for a start, memorise Psalm 1/1-3. If you failed, we took the bible back until you did. To encourage everyone, I promised to memorise it in Chichewa, which was tough (I didn’t know some words) but by the grace of God I managed.

We had a wonderful time that Sunday. After a week of practice, both men and women spoke aloud and proudly recited their scriptures. For some (dare I say most), this was the first time to memorise scripture and I was privileged to be a part of it. Yowasi Luseni memorised the entire psalm. It was a joyous time and there was an excitement in the room. Even as we had blessed about 100 people with bibles, there were still other newer people who did not have. Nonetheless, it is the first time we have walked into a meeting and more people have bibles than not. What a thing God has done. Wrap your mind around this and marvel with me! People have bibles... they can go home and read them! They can mark them. Having never had to borrow a bible, I cannot really understand but I can look into their eyes and see the joy that overflows as they receive them. This I can attest to and because of it, praise the God of impossibilities. I promise you this, when we began working in the villages, I never envisioned a day when each person walking into the room has a bible. But now, I see that this day is soon coming! There is a day when the windows of heaven will be opened up and God will pour out a blessing we cannot contain. As I hear more and more people give of themselves towards bibles, I have come to understand that there is a blessing that shuts you up. It is the blessing that drains you of all excitement… you are left dumb and immobile; you cannot even express your joy. This is happening. God is doing the incredible! It is watching a wonder happen, too marvellous for you, your body, your emotions and your mind to comprehend or respond to.

Even as we continue to distribute bibles, we set our hearts further towards God and His desires for the people He loves. We are now preparing to launch “Light @ Night”, our new bible initiative. We want to purchase a bible and a lantern as a combo for those who want to read their bibles at night but fail because of no access to light at night. The natural light and the spiritual light. Light at night. Even as I write this I am reminded of a time when accessing the bible we have now seemed a dream…and yet. Be a part of it; help to bring light at night. If you cannot, pray for us, that God will show forth His mighty hand and outstretched arm. He is the God of impossibilities. He can do exceedingly, abundantly, above anything we can ask or imagine. He is and always will be the Father of lights.

Generally, writing this blog is about processing and recording what I see, feel and hear as God works within the people and places He invites me into. This time, though, I wanted to speak directly to you, the reader… yeah, I went there! I wanted to thank every person who has campaigned, given and prayed for bibles. Because of you, things are happening, lives are changing. The seed of the Word is being planted and we shall see (together) the harvest should the Lord tarry. So, thank you! Smile; there is a wonderful reason to.

Friday, September 5, 2008


30th – 31st August, 2008, Mngwangwa and Mtsiriza

Here we are, back! i feel like this is the sequel to the first phase. unlike most sequel (that tank) this one is better. something like, terminator 2 and the Lord of the Rings sequels, that tied into one another and got better and better.

It is hard to express how wonderful it is to return to what you know in your bones you were created to do. The day begun on such a wonderful note, that as we went, we were so expectant of something… what exactly, we were not sure of but one thing we did know in that car; God was doing something in us. It was hard to contain our excitement but Diamond and I began ministering to one another all the way there. We were preaching it! “It is time to cross over the Jordan and step into another level of grace where we are now co-workers with God”. We spoke (and this is only in the car) of God bringing us out of childhood of feeding us manna, to growing into picking up a hoe and embracing the privilege to work WITH God.

By the time we arrived we were ready for the something. We were not the only ones ready. Mngwangwa was ready. We drove up by the CCAP church that we meet in and I could hear praise songs. They were there, already worshiping God. Beside this building is the medical room that we sometimes use. This is where Diamond was having his youth meeting. We found the youth there too, listening to the ‘proclaimer’ (talking bible). It was 9:00 and both our groups were present. It was a wonder. God indeed had something planned for us. We looked at one another and just laughed. God was certainly in control here and everything seemed to be in place, ready for Him. Perhaps I sound like a fictional writer at this point but I don’t know what words to use in expressing what was in my heart and bones as we went in. we stepped into praise! I always say this, and it is good to be reminded and it is that God is bigger here! He is higher and stronger and more present! I know is God everywhere so I will say it this way; FOR ME, God is bigger here. There is a freedom to praise that hits you. We praised with drums and the tambourine and hands clapping. It felt like psalm 150 was manifest.

Our subject was sin. It didn’t start out as that. We begun in Ezekiel 37 and continued from our last meeting. As we went through Jesus speaking to the fig tree and cursing it, we took a turn into the subject, sin. We spoke about the appearance of godliness and not the character to prove (the leaves and not the fruit). The title and the bible and yet… no love or faithfulness. And then God did it! Right there I heard myself and knew that He had taken my mouth. My brother tells me that God is the most incredible ventriloquist there is. He throws His voice and something else speaks it. I felt that. Our conversation changed and we began to challenge the ‘zithumwa’s’ (the twigs and pouches that witchdoctors give as charms for different things). God just challenged how we could sit in the room and hold bibles in our hands when we were wearing these charms around our waists and below our chests (out of the view of the public). I spoke words that challenged the power of these things that were made from what God has made. I spoke about the ones that make them that only do what they do under the cover of night. ‘I am not afraid and you should not be afraid because everything was made through Him and for Him’. And challenge after challenge, God said things and there I was… speaking and at the same time standing there mouth gaped open at the words that the Holy Spirit was saying. ‘Bring it on!” that was it. Everything in me said…”huh?”

The next morning we were in Mtsiriza. We had never ministered in Mtsiriza. One of the pastors from the pastors bookset had asked us to come and minister the word on giving seeing as they were raising funds for their church building. Even as I prepared, I realised I was in some kind of trouble. It was the first time I have ever been afraid of what the reception to the word would be. Sometimes we get so comfortable with the people we minister to… they are safe. Unlike the time when I had ended up in a village with some hard folks, this was totally new. It is one thing to be led by the Spirit of God and give a strong word as He leads when you are ministering. It is another ball game when you PREPARE a tough word. This is not what they were expecting. They were looking to be inspired to empty their pockets and here I was bringing a word that rebuked and exposed the motive of our giving. This is a word you stop and think about. I have to believe that for what followed that there were those that HEARD. After the delivery of the word, they proceeded to have four or more offerings for the building project. One was for those who have ties on, another for those in suits, another and another…. Then there was the auctioning off of the ties that had been given in the offering basket. “who will give me three thousand for the two ties, because we don’t need ties, we need money.” This continued, auctioning off cell phones, baby trousers and ties. It was a sight to see. It was painful to watch and broke my heart because of the things we have begun to do in the temple of God. The things we now accept as progress within the church, is beyond right. It is the world making itself at home in the presence of God. What took place Sunday morning was the stuff of weddings, people making change with the money counter and throwing twenty kwachas one at a time in the offering basket. This is not what we aught to do. It makes me wonder what else we do that should not be in His Presence.

In the same place, I met a son of God. He was the gentleman that ministered the word. He was a son of God, a father in the faith… a true unsung hero. This sounds poetic but the truth is, these are the words that came into my spirit as he spoke. “I have nothing worth boasting about, other than I love God and I obey His word.” These were his words and with them came a true repentance for focusing on so many other things that were not the MAIN POINT! Loving God is the MAIN POINT! Everything else is dressing.

We left for Mngwangwa, edified and built up in the Holy Ghost. And praise God for Mngwangwa was on fire! God was cleaning house and we stood and beheld His move. We talked about citizenship and the army of God. We spoke about dual nationality and how the Kingdom of darkness welcomes it knowing that if you are part of light and dark, then you really are of the dark for the Kingdom of light rejects dual nationality… it is one or none!!! I have not the words to express what God did in that room with 150 people present. In the end 35 people came and gave their hearts to God. It was a sight to see. I was overwhelmed. What a mighty God! One of the men who got saved was the uncle of Mr. Nkhoma (who is the head of the Mngwangwa group). This uncle was a devoted ‘gule wankulu’ dancer. Gule wankulu is a cult that believes in the worship of the dead. His uncle came forward and gave his heart to God. Satan has lost. He has lost this line. Gule wanulu is generational, passed from father to son and God had broken that change. What a mighty God.

With Diamond ministering to the youth and 15 coming to Christ, 50 people were saved in Mngwangwa this past weekend. You sure learn how not to get pompous and big headed out here, for which man can claim he has done this? Is this not the work of a might God? Every time we are out here, we see Him and He expands and we MUST reduce to accommodate His greatness. This is the village. This is where God can move without puffed up men getting in the way. Out here, there are so many humble hearts that when Jesus shows up we recognise Him for He is the only one standing! Out here there is no protocol and church politics. There are no special seating and large and colourful introductions. I love this place. I love to see Jesus. To God be the glory!

Thursday, July 31, 2008


So I must say that this is one of the best entries I get to write. There has been so much going on that when the dust settled I was able to stop and take stock of all that God has done. I’ll TRY make this short and sweet!

At the start of this year I was on a bible search. I challenged people through the blog to give towards bibles and I have to tell you all that God has done a MIGHTY work. Our target to begin with (yes, to begin with) was 100 from within and 1000 from without. At the time I thought I should set a reasonable target… one that would not disappoint. The truth is I was using faith even then, even with the REASONABLE target. At the time I had nothing, not one. The idea that we could raise over 1000 bibles sounded crazy. I shared the need to get the word in the communities with the office staff and my brother bought 10 full life study bibles!!! Next, I shared it with a friend in Wales and she sent money for 65 new testaments for the youth! We were on the road. I was overwhelmed at the response. We separated the oversees partners and friends from the local partners and friends to encourage us to take a stand and not wait for our family outside the country to help before we did something ourselves! Altogether as the body of Christ from different places and spaces, we have raised MK 1, 206, 940.00 (US$ 8,683.02). This is within 6 months… if you did not believe in miracles, I want you to know that you have been a part of ONE. If you wanted your hand to stretch out and make a difference, I want you to know that you have!!! The greatest miracles are the ones that are seed… they keep on going! I am the most privileged of people as I get to see THE EFFECTS, but blessed are those who believe without seeing. I get to hand them out and watch their eyes as they own their very first bible! I can promise you that your blessing and sacrifice and effort and everything else you have put in together with us in seeing this come to life, I can promise you that God, who is El Roi, sees. He is the all seeing God and what you have done in secret He will reward you in public. I have cried all the joy tears I can. It is such a grace to know that so many will be blessed through you. At present our kitty is at MK 1, 121, 200.00 (US$8066.18). our plan is to buy different types of bibles. Below is the list of bibles

800 Bibles - for all who cannot get access to bibles
24 Children's bibles – for teachers within the centres and Sunday school teachers in some churches
20 Proclaimers – this is the ‘talking bible’ that is solar powered for those who cannot read and for the children to listen to. They are able to get together and have a group listen and study.
200 Full Life study bibles – for the many pastors who still do not have access to the bible!

Remember this, this is the beginning. Remember that so many remain in the dark without access to the Word that is light. Don’t ever stop caring about this because the Word of God is the lamp to our feet and the light to our path. The Word of God is powerful and the revealer of our heart condition. The Word of God is the crusher of resistance. The Word of God is food for our spirit. The Word of God is LIFE!!! IS CHRIST!!!

This goes out to all of you who gave, prayed, campaigned and believed with us. Together let us declare into the heavens that He that called us is Faithful!!!

Okay, so it wasn’t short but it sure was sweet!

Smile, that’s it! Just smile!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mngwangwa Explosion

I remember thinking when I arrived and found over forty or fifty people present, “who are these people?” I knew only two or three. As it was, the room soon filled with 180 people. Perhaps I should write that again… in words. One hundred and eighty. Yes, there were that many in the room. The thing is, I have never ministered to that large a number of people and it was a new thing for me. I ofcourse thought that they had come for something else that had not panned out and they ended up at our teaching. I was corrected at the end when Milanzi stood and informed us that every person present had come for the teaching. I was overwhelmed. There were grannies, I mean real grannies with the magnifying glass kind of spectacles. They danced and celebrated Jesus and once again I was reminded that this is a privilege, that these people, precious and beloved are KNOWN. Every aspect of their life is known and God values them.

We spoke about Ezekiel and the valley of the dry bones. We have been teaching about the Word of God. The object of our lesson was “chifukwa chiyani?” (why?). The Spirit of the Lord took Ezekiel and placed him in a valley… why a valley? Why not a mountain top? He made him walk about the bones…why? What was the purpose of this?
The entire time we were teaching about asking ‘why’ as we study the bible and being aware that God PURPOSELY uses words and ORCHASTRATES things with PRECISION. In view of this we aught to be mindful of WHAT He says and HOW He says it. Every statement we read brought a ‘why’ and every answer they gave brought a further ‘why’. Through laughter we were able to express the need to question and to seek the Spirit’s guidance when studying the bible.

The entire time I was close to tears because I knew that at the end I was to announce that I was taking a month and a half out from ministry. We had already informed the other groups but Mngwangwa… we had to go and teach and tell them in person. They took it better than I anticipated.

In an effort to serve I have sacrificed my relationship with God. Instead of walking in grace, I have stomped my feet in works and felt the effects. When the joy of serving becomes the mandate and burden of serving there is a moment when we must reassess. Even though I do believe there is a burden to carry… it should be light. He promised that His burden is light and that His yoke is easy so there is something to be said when the joy is gone and the strength cannot be found. Of course I did try cutting down the hours of ministry but that was MY way. God’s way was to take me OUT and saturate me once again in HIM that I become so full, my OVERFLOW feeds many. The true servant serves out of relationship. The extent of service is parallel to the depth of relationship. There are things you are willing to do for the ones you love; the greater the love the less burdensome the service. Love is the great burden lifter. Marriages face challenges sometimes because the service to one another has outweighed the love and it is now works rather than grace that keeps the couple together. The same can be said for a job. When the love for what do is outweighed by the mere responsibility to DO IT, trouble is on the horizon. There is a very short distance we can effectively go before we recognize that we have wondered off from dependency on the Holy Spirit. My consolation is that in recognizing it, we have encountered God’s grace and are available for transformation.

So, in truth, I have been benched because I am tired and not much good for the team at present. You see, our coach is LOVING. He intends to use us for a long time and so, He is a visionary, He sees past THIS game and to the next and the next. I know I am in the team for keeps. I am a warrior. There are many battles ahead and if I do not step back in this one to heal my wounds and feed my soul, I may not be of any use in the next. So, as to the village ministry… one month out. I will be back in 31 days. I will back, filled, fired up and saturated. I leave you with this thought… If you find that you are tired constantly and the passion for whatever you do is fizzled somewhat (it doesn’t have to be drastic), then perhaps my circumstance can be a propeller towards your renewal. Let us meet as soaring eagles, for the Word promises us that we will walk and not faint, run and not grow weary and above all, mount up as eagles.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Simisi Village

Simisi village. This village was far out of town, a road with many twists and turns. The closer I got the more uncomfortable I got and I was not sure why. With ministry so many questions come to mind. Am I prepared? Do I really have a word from the Lord? Am I meant to be here, you know, am I following the cloud or am I way off? All this is magnified because this is a new place.

As it was, I was right to be nervous. We arrived and the community began to assemble in an open field. As the chief begun to speak , I knew I was in trouble. He had been told by a pastor from his area that we were a ministry that did wonderful things for people and so they were assembled to ‘hear’ what we had to offer them. The words were said with an air of ‘what you got?’ So there I was, intimidated, wanting to dig a pit and cover myself within. I was tempted to tell Felix to get into the car and leave them all in the dust. And, yes, thoughts like that do cross my mind from time to time. There was a strong spirit pressing and pushing me out.

We sat down and faced the 70 or so people in the field. We sat and I begun to ask about salvation, still sitting. I was too weighed down to stand. How do you minister to people that are not gathered to hear the word? I guess that is the challenge to our comfortable lives. We are so accustomed to ministering to people that WANT to hear the word. But every one must come to the place where to minister to people who do not want to hear what you have to say. So we asked about salvation. What do you say it is? Religious answers ensued, “salvation is knowing what is good and bad and doing the good”. “Salvation is living a good life”. Salvation is this, salvation is that, salvation is work, work, work. So we asked the series of questions that help draw out the truth about salvation. What are we being saved from? Who is doing the saving? To where are we being saved? How can we be saved?

The chief kept looking back into the crowd and saying things to get them to laugh. This is ministry, facing opposition in the enemy’s favourite subtle way and standing you ground. Yes, eventually we stood! It took thirty minutes of challenging questions to get some of the group alert and leaning in to know the truth. The chief eventually stopped baiting the crowd and fell asleep. We used that to our advantage and preached Jesus. There is no greater message to bring than that of the simplicity of coming into relationship with Jesus, accepting His free gift and being made new. One of the greatest moments in my life is SENSING the atmosphere change and KNOWING that He is in control and has come to embrace those that would come to Him. So Jesus showed up and drew men to Himself. 29 people stood up and came forward to receive Christ. It was overwhelming for me because it was more than I had anticipated. All the while as I was teaching, I was praying, “Please Jesus, speak to someone’s heart”. I kept saying, “If you have an ear to hear, hear the call of God”.

Felix prayed with the group and our work was done. How many of the 29 had a true experience with Jesus, only He knows. Our job was to go forth with the good news of the Kingdom and we had. Our work is to introduce Jesus into the lives of those in the dark, what ever else transpires between them is between them. We returned to the city with rejoicing.

on the way home we talked a little with the pastor who had invited us to the village. he is native of the village but lives in the city. Too many pastors rush into the towns and cities, leaving this great void of a multitude of people feeling their way in darkness, searching for a way out. The thing is, there is not much the villages offer in terms of sustaining oneself. Pastoring in the villages is difficult, tithes are few and life is hard and so many called to the ministry run to the city, for a better life, for the PROSPERITY that so many modern minister talk of. not all are self seeking when they move to the city. every man has to feed his family. We asked the pastor with us why he was pasturing in the city when his village did not even have a church within an 8 kilometre radius. His response was that he went to the city to be able to do some business to take care of his family.

I think of the people who came to Jesus and I stand on the word that He that begun a good work in them, shall complete it at the coming of Jesus. i must believe that God has this, and I do. He has this. He always does.

Monday, June 30, 2008


In Mngwangwa. It is difficult to contain the joy that overflows every time I go. Right now I am one of Mngwangwa’s very own… for real. Last week I went to see the Traditional Authority, Kabudula. I am learning more and more that the culture of the village is so very different from what I am accustomed to. In the five hours that it took us to talk with the chiefs and then drive and see the T/A, I never spoke. I mean I conversed with Felix in the car as we drove but not once was I expected to speak in a group setting. I spent the entire time saying “zikomo” (thank you). Yes, I had to exercise the fruit of self control, what with my love for talking and all.
In the end, it was done, as of now I am the daughter of Chief Mngwangwa and the TA Kabudula.

For those that know nothing of what I am speaking about, I purchased some land in the village. I am a land owner in the village. I belong there and I want to live there one day (of course I have been profusely praying that my husband will go along with this). Before I build my home, though, we are building a centre (multipurpose hall). When I say we, I mean the community of believers and I. they are providing the moulding of bricks and I, the money for the rest. It all begun with our ministering at Floweza Milanzi’s church, which was a run down classroom with holes in the ground. So then, God begun to speak and after putting the pieces together, I knew I had to build a place for his congregation to meet as well as the group we minister to on the weekends. I sometimes feel like God gives us pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and we have to put the pieces together. As a group (we are made up of different churches) we move from place to place in order to meet. Sometimes we use the CCAP church but when they are busy we move to the hospital room. If they are busy we move to the school and that is when a room is available. So, a multipurpose centre it is. Of course with all this comes A GREAT MEASURE OF FAITH!! But thanks be to God that He increases our faith. Right now it is just 2 hectares of bush but we are visionaries and we see the future, where a community is transformed by the word of God. The Spirit of the Lord is transforming Mngwangwa, Kalimbira and Chilombo. What is within is about to manifest. I believe with all my heart that if we seek first His Kindgom and His righteousness, all other things will be added. Someone on a mission trip once said that they almost didn’t want the lives of people in the villages to change because with growth and change comes godlessness. I understood their point (even though I thought it was not articulated well because I got a little mad) but poverty is not the road to a godly life. Instead it is the first 4 words of the bible… IN THE BEGINNING GOD. If we recognize that He is the beginning of everything, we give Him glory and we are blessed. May we never lose sight of God blessing us. Even in the wilderness there was godlessness as well as in the promise land. It is a matter of the heart and not of the pocket. My heart is that the people of Mngwangwa, Kalimbira and Chilombo, the people of God receive all that God has for them, be it of the soul, body or spirit. May they prosper even as their soul prospers. May they have true prosperity… to know the heart of the Father and to have their own beat in rhythm with it!!! May we all press towards that with all our heart.
At present the community has moulded 20,000 bricks. They come twice a week and work together, different denominations, ages and sexes. They are united in this. “We believe that by Christmas we shall be dancing in the centre”. Yanganani Chisomo Centre. Look at the Grace of God Centre. It is by grace and grace alone that this will happen. We will be still and we will know that He is God!

29th June 2008, Widows Overnight

We came into a small 4 by 5 metres room. It was fitted with plastic chairs with several ladies seated. I was whisked into the adjoining room. This is David Mchenga’s house. We have come for an overnight with the widows. David heard my mother speak on “what is the church doing?” He was convicted to the point that he begun a ministry to the widows within the area in which he lived. Now here we are a year later and David ministers to 20 widows and twelve of them are here for the overnight prayers.

It is cold and my chest expands through the night. By the following afternoon I have a fearful fever and Felix and his wife have to stay with me through the night to take care of me.

I minister on the word from Isaiah 54, not just because it is for the widow but because it is a word in expectation. Enlarge your capacity to believe because God responds to faith. We line up with Him in faith. We speak about relationship and how it is the foundation for expectation. The better you know someone the more likely you are to be at ease to ask of them certain things because they will or will not do it because of the level of the relationship. I can ask my brother to zip up my dress (my husband has not shown up yet) but I would not do likewise with the man who guards my home. The intimacy level of any relationship opens up possibilities. God can do anything! That was the word. God will not do everything! That was the balance. He is capable of anything and as we become more intimate with Him, we are able to hear His heartbeat and harmonize ours to be in sync with His.

They are precious ladies that told me that their motto is to seek first the Kingdom. They did not deny that they have many difficulties but shared their concerns with us.

“We were destitute when Pastor David found us. We would go to our bedrooms and cry not knowing where we would find the money to feed our children. We had lost weight because of grief but now we are growing in Christ. “

They have ideas, several and I commended them. They put their money together (what they can) and they help each other with the school fees of their children and things of that nature. Now they want to start a restaurant together. When I say restaurant, this is not a place with stoves and ten or so tables with written menus. This is a small room where they cook on makala (coal) or firewood and serve basic meals. This is not rocket science. I asked them for a plan. They had none but promised to get one to me as soon as possible. “I am not the answer and I am not saying I will definitely get this thing on the road. What I can promise you is that I will get your story out.” I know they were looking to me. I know because I saw it in their eyes. I see it in many eyes wherever I go and there are times I pray that I become so wealthy that I can meet many of these needs. But this is not what is for me right now. Right now what I do is believe that God has heard our cry and that He is the source. There is so much need out here that there are moments when you feel like screaming! Some of them are so simple and so desperate that you can’t help but cry and cry you do, secretly behind closed doors because when you come out you have to be the voice of hope.

We left them around midnight because we had to get to Mngwangwa the following morning. We left them singing for joy. God must have a giant heart. He fits us all in there and loves us so richly. I marvel at His capacity to love. How can you love so many people? At some point it feels like you cannot contain it. It is not always so comfortable to love. Love is heavy, it is pouring out and that is not always what you want to do but it demands it of you. If there is anything I learn from being in the communities, may it be that I have learnt to love.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

18th June 2008, Nathenje


So here I am. I am not my usual self as I am wearing a traditional outfit. I feel very odd for a few moments but then it all fades away. Alas, the jeans are so much easier. I have dressed up for my Father, for myself and for the chiefs I am ministering to.

We wait an hour as they sort things out (there was a miscommunication and some have gone to another venue). You learn patience here in the communities. For one, people here tell time using the sun and so as winter comes in, time is usually misjudged. If you think I am making all this up, one of the chiefs explained this to me as he apologized for the delay. Looking at the overcast sky, there was no telling what time it was. It is interesting to note that in the era of cellular phones, that there are still people that use the sun to tell time. Imagine an overcast day and that your only way of telling time is the sun. What do you do? Some of this is over my head.

We were thirty – eight in the room; Felix, I and 36 chiefs and their spouses. We took off from where we had left off and our subject was ‘the new creation’. This was an exciting lesson. They were excited and as people getting to know each other, we were more at home with one another. Every time we speak about being a new creation in Christ I am overwhelmed. It doesn’t matter how many times we talk about it. When the eyes of someone in front of me are suddenly (or gradually) opened, I am in awe. Every time I speak of it, I experience more and more of the new creation. To be able to tell someone that God has created a whole new THING in us. We are temples of the Holy Spirit, which has never existed until the time that Christ Jesus, our Lord, rose from the grave.

There was an altar call at the end but no one came. Yes, sometimes it happens that no one comes forward. There was a definite conviction – it was there, in the atmosphere. Our prayer was that He that began a good work in them will finish it…

There is a wonderful old chief. He is the postcard type of man. What do I mean? He has a beautiful white beard, a cane and a strong handshake. He is close to his eighties. When I held his hand, we both began to laugh. It was joy. It was beautiful. There are so many beautiful brothers and sisters in the kingdom. We are so wealthy… so rich in relationship, in love. Oh, that we could truly understand that the greatest treasure God has entrusted us with is His people… nothing is worth more to Him than the ones He died for – gave His life for. You and I are responsible for the life of another. May we be found faithful in loving and treating HIS treasure with honour.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Pastors' Bookset Conference

“Hello, Pastor, how are you?” “Ah, I’m fine Pastor, what about you?” Aha, the sounds of Pastors from all over the place greeting one another. No one uses their names. It is pastor. It is funny and I smile. There is too much excitement in the air. No one has yet comprehended what all this means. No one can, not until it’s over. We have come here, to Assemblies of God (a hall so beautiful, none of our pastors have ever seen) and there are lifted heads, taking in the beauty. I am looking around too, taking in the men of God we have brought. They are greeting each other and staying in safe huddles. Dear God, no one can begin to comprehend the impact this will bring.

Inside the room, having received a starter pack ( an NIV bible, a book on “Mixing God with Money’ and a Chichewa book kumudziwa Mulungu pa chiyambi (knowing God the Creator), there was such excitement I thought I would burst. Pastors kept coming into the room and giving thanks for being able to be there. ‘Thank you sister’. Sister didn’t have much to do with it but I understand. They were thanking those that got them here. They were thanking the ones who sacrificed for this. I was just the face they could connect all this with.

Soon we were learning. Most sat close to me (my posse). We spent the day learning from great bible teachers from several african countries as well as Malawi. For five solid days, we listened, took notes and fellowshipped. It was early mornings and late nights but it was all worth it. The minibuses had to be on the road by 5:30 in the morning and retired at about 8:00 at night. It took some maneuvering to get them all there on time. Four groups lived over 1 hour away. Another three were 30 minutes away. The rest were within twenty minutes drive. They all had to be picked and dropped with two vehicles. My heart went out to the drivers. Felix hosted two of the leaders from far off places. It was hard but the reward far surpassed what it took.
As Friday approached, the reality of 65 books begun to be real. Up until then, they were just on display in the front of the pulpit stage. Yes, if you are not aware of what I am on about, we took 103 pastors and leaders to the ‘pastors’ book set conference’. It was MK10, 500.00 for each pastor to attend. This included a meal and at the end of the conference each was to receive 65 books (bible, commentaries, dictionaries, books on marriage, money, missions and much more). 65 books!!! This is to people who perhaps only have one or two books, if they are lucky. Suddenly, a man who meets his congregation in a rundown classroom with holes in the floor will have access to books that he has never even heard of!! Milanzi, Nkhoma and Mwale were with us of course. Sometimes, because of accents I knew they had had a hard time understanding but most times they followed. The conference was for English speaking pastors.

My heart is overwhelmed. I am not sure any of what I have written makes sense. The only thing I can say is to God be the glory. God has a plan for the communities and villages we work in. He has done something that can be described as “eye has not seen and ear has not heard what the Lord has in store for those who love Him.” No one could have anticipated this and no one can say what impact this will have! All the things that seemed hidden from them are now accessible; treasures within pages worth more than silver. The cost of the books is over MK100, 000.00. The MK10, 500.00 was just the fee for transporting them.

There was such jubilation at the office (we all went back to the office after the conference was over). There were tears and much celebration. The last thing I saw was groups of pastors being dropped at points and them carrying their sack of books over their shoulders and on their heads. Aha, there is a time a man will carry katundu (stuff) on his head!

There is a light beginning to shine in the communities. The mandate of somebody cares is to cause the communities to see the light. The light is shining. God’s ways are not ours. We cannot even comprehend what will happen as a result of this. Over 100 pastors! In 13 village communities! To God be the glory!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

4th June, Mgona

on wednesday we went to Mgona. it has been a month since being there. nine people gave their hearts to Jesus including a pastor of more than 80 people. He reaslised that baptism does not save you and that it is only by the gift og the life acquired through the sacrifice of the life of Jesus. he was the first to come forward and my heart went out to him. in the face of the other pastors and his own congregation, he stood up and came forward.

if this is not what all this is about, i'm not sure what else it is about. here is this man, who after so many years of pastoring has come into the Presence of the one he speaks of.

salvation is truly the greatest miracle. right before our eyes a person is translated from one kingdom into another - someone is brought from death to life. there is no greater moment than to be a part of the resurrection and the life, to be a part of Jesus.

7th June, Mzumanzi

Here we are in Mzumanzi. I spent the better part of Tuesday working on a teaching on Ambassadorship. Here we are with 70 people and I’m wondering how good a representative of Christ I am. It’s hard to talk to people about something you yourself are unsure about. I know that it is said that we should allow the word of God to dwell in us richly and that it is only then (when it has become a part of us) that we can now give it out. It is like giving fruit instead of the seed you yourself have been given. Plant first in your own life and then allow others to eat of the fruit of that word. I know this but sometimes you’re not sure that the fruit you have is good enough to share. Back to my question: how good an ambassador am I that I can share this word? As far as ambassadors go, I am not the best of them. But here I am… with this word… hopefully from the heart of God.

It was a wonderfully surprising session. We spoke about representing Christ in our speech and conduct and then things changed. We begun to speak about husbands (pastors) and their wives and how they are treated. If we cannot take care of our wives with dignity and in servant hood then what business do we have with His bride? Are we using our wives to lift us higher into our position of fame and recognition at the expense of her crushing (as we step on her to be better seen)? My usual line frequently invokes laughter “you can stone me later, but first please listen.” It’s funny but I mean it.

We talked about husbands being the representation of Christ and how Jesus laid His life down to carry His bride and His sacrifice was her stepping stone. Are we like that with our wives? What is the picture of Christ, that we, as pastors, are giving to our people and families? It was exciting. There were those that were excited to be challenged but within the same atmosphere was the sense of “little girl…” and I leave the rest to your imagination. We could sense the power and presence of God in our midst. It felt like the Father had paid us a visit and set the record straight. The women were quiet throughout and I wondered if it was because their husbands were in the room.

“A pastor’s wife is not only good for starting choruses (praise songs) and sweeping the church. Do you know what God has deposited in her and are you man enough to help her discover her full potential or are you the one who, when the master returns, digs your wife out of the place you buried her and presents her as she came to you – without any multiplication of her gifting and potential?... Milanzi’s wife smiled and leaned into her husband. Mark’s wife looked proudly at him and it was beautiful to see. There were uncomfortable murmurs and strong shouts of affirmation. I could feel the heart of the Father, and it hurt. Ultimately, tradition does not hold a candle to the Light of the Word of God. There are moments when I watch it illuminate and completely obliterate the dull deceptive flicker of tradition – tradition that does not line up with His desire. This was one of those moments. God’s heart is exposed and lies before us and we have the choice of shunning it… or embracing it.
I am more conscious of what kind of witness I am, having taught this. What are my traditions that I so possessively hang onto that are opposed to His desire and His heart? How seriously do I take the call to be His heart and hands and feet here in a hurting and dying world? If I am His ambassador, what is my life saying about who He is? Ahhh, always coming home with questions. That’s good. When we speak the word, even the ears of the speaker should be open to hear the Shepherd’s voice.

Half way through, I looked up and saw the goat that was wondering over at the back. It brought a smile to my face. Ministering in the village is priceless. Nowhere else does one get to minister with goats roaming about in the background. God has a way of helping us keep perspective about what really matters. When I watch goats and chickens come into the room sometimes, I am reminded of the manger and of the humbling of Christ and am reminded that I am just a servant and that these animals are here to make sure I have the proper perspective on what I am doing here. The truth is there is nothing greater than to serve Him. I cannot believe that God would take dirt and breathe into it and it would come to life. The muck and mess of Keta stands and with the breath of God, speaks forth His heart! I marvel and I think, it will take us eternity to scratch the surface of the grace of our most Amazing and Incredible God!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

1st June 2008, Chilombo

It was so good to be back in Mngwangwa territory (chilombo was where we were at, it borders Mngwangwa). Chilombo is Sidwell Mwale’s place; Calvary Chapel.

It was an interesting time for me as we talked about money. It is a hard thing to talk about money to people without it but the kingdom principles work just the same for everyone (5, 2 and 1 talent alike). It is foolish of me to think that talking about money and our relationship with it is only for the rich. Can the poor have a wrong relationship to money? Should we talk about tithing to people who struggle to feed themselves? Is it my call or yours? Is it an opinion that we use to justify our stance?

In the end I did talk about money and about how we look at it. It was hard because you are talking about people who live in their farm intakes and monthly cash of about MK1, 500.00 (R75, US$ 10, £5) to MK 15,000 (R750, US$100, £50) for the better off. The song during the offering was ‘kupereka kumadalitsa koposa kulandila’ (it is more blessed to give than to receive). So I asked the question: is it? Does it feel that way? Is the evidence of your life a testimony to that saying or is it a song we sing during offering? Do we have faith and no works? The truth is we do have faith but our faith is evidenced by our works because faith without works is dead. So we went about the equation in reverse. We looked at our works and discovered our faith. We walk into church an hour late and yet we stand hours earlier for fertilizer. It is because we understand the value of the fertilizer and do not know the value of fellowship together in worship of God. This was our talk. There were dead silences and hearty laughs. It was family talking to one another about a subject no one likes to hear mentioned in church. Yes, sex and money – taboo words in the body of Christ and yet, two of our strongest prison guards.

The truth is when you believe you have nothing, you give nothing. Most people here don’t know their gifts. They don’t see themselves as people who have something to give. Their only understanding of giving is monitory and so everything else is hidden under a patch of earth. And yet… in each of them is everything that pertains to life and godliness. In each of them is every spiritual gift in the heavenly places. Not talking to a person struggling with their finances on how to manage the little they have is robbing them of being equipped. If you wait until they have money worth talking about (not sure what that really is) is it not too late? I left Chilombo and found myself at home, full of questions, so many questions. I left Chilombo reflecting on the church and where we are as a body. I know we all have our individual assessments but cooperatively… where are we? Will it get better?

Yes, some days, I come back from a high on the word and excitement of the people and slump into a spiritual depression (if there is such a thing). This is one of those days. I know the bible tells us that we will always have the poor among us but my question is: was it meant to be THIS MANY?

I am in a dark place, no one can see me
My light is imprisoned in ditch darkness longing to be free.
There is nothing here, no way about
The exit is guarded by a mighty hand stretched out.
It presses down on me, ‘you don’t belong out there,
There is a place you will never see.
I am trapped, bound, a prisoner
No word has penetrated through to release me.
I am intercession and I long to be free
I long to reach out and grab a hold of those that need me.
But here I will lay, in this invisible room
Until someone comes and speaks me out of my tomb.

If the one talent could speak (Matt 25)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

28th May 2008, Matanda, Natenje & Njewa

Wednesday began with a fracas as always. We have come to accepts this. The vehicle we were using only came at 9am (which is the time we were meant to be in Matanda). When we arrived we discovered that we had forgotten our file where the notes were. Felix had copies of the notes in a separate file but the very one we wanted (the body of Christ – the church) was not in there. Aha, this can only be the work of the devil… as if. I stopped and took a few minutes to ask the Father… what is up?!! Well, He is up and it was all His orchestrating events to bring us to talk about what He wanted, which was the birth of the church and Adam and Eve.

It was interesting to discover how men believe that because Adam (the original seed) was created and Eve pulled out of Adam(humanity), then it meant that they were original and women secondary. We talked about that a little and had a wonderful time discussing and opening up scripture and really dissecting the word! it is also incredible to watch mindsets change right before your very eyes! This group is wonderful, possibly the most active group yet. They love to challenge me and I love the challenge. It is, in the truest sense, a bible study.

In the afternoon we headed for Natenje. One thing about Wednesdays is that it is my dehydration day. No fluid intakes as that would require bathroom breaks and they are one of the few things I do not like to do in the communities. Thus, parched we headed to Natenje. This was a new group. For about 4 weeks we were receiving twice weekly phone calls pleading with us to come and teach this group. They were a group of chiefs and their spouses. They are 80 chief strong. It is incredible to know that that many chiefs in the area are saved and not only that; they go about teaching their fellow chiefs and their people the word of God.

Coming out the car we found them all waiting even though we were 30 minutes early. I was VERY conscious of my jeans and flowery shirt. These were chiefs! What would they think of me? I scurried into the dim room (aha, perhaps the Lord was on my side). As soon as we begun of course, all consciousness of clothes or anything leaves and God steps in. we spoke about salvation and eternal life and what it means. Our emphasis was on the relationship that Christ gave His life for us to attain. We had a sidebar of 'Jesus is not just the son of God but that He is God'.

This was a mature group who were so eager to learn and I felt very small. Here I was, probably looked like some westernized youngster (probably am) and I was teaching them…. Imagine what I could learn from them! Nevertheless, it is I that God says “go teach my people”. I tell you, these are the moments that help, the smaller you feel… the bigger God is in your mind.

On the side of the youth, 16 of them in Njewa got saved out of a turnout of 47. Felix’s prairie fire continues to sweep across the communities. And as always let me tell you about the lack of bibles. Out of the 47… you guessed it… NOT ONE owned a bible. Not one in 47 youth who want to know more about God. When Diamond said it, I was overwhelmed. His was the only bible there as I had taken the on staff bibles to Natenje.

More than anything we are expectant of Ganizani (meaning ‘think') and his arrival tomorrow. I just know that this is a God thing! It is amazing to think that in a few months he will be able to read the bible for himself and then who knows what will happen then!!


He walked into my office wearing a pink shirt buttoned to the very top and a cream jacket. They were dirty but he looked regal. It was beautiful. There was a glow about him… it may sound poetic but it is true. After he told us his story I just knew that God had send him to us and that neither him nor us would ever be the same again.

Ganizani Kajoza is a young man of about 18 years old. He is an orphan who lost his parents when he was 8 years old. This forced him onto the streets where he became a street kid. He has lived on the street ever since until a few weeks ago. I met Ganizani in 2003 when I was working with the children on the street and we stayed in contact loosely over the years.

In his own words, this is his story:

I used to be a thief and a street beggar. I started this when I was 10 years old. I started doing this because of poverty because my parents died when I was eight years old. I became even worse because even the money I was getting on the street and stealing, I was using it on alcohol and marijuana.

But what made me stop was a girl called Enita. When I used to get drunk I would go to her and try and persuade her to be my girlfriend. One day she was talking about me to some other people (I was again drunk). She told her friends “look at this dirty boy, trying to persuade me to be his girlfriend’. I felt sorry for myself when she told me that the life I was leading is dirty and not fit for a boy as young as me. Her mother also talked to me and asked why a young man like me was stinking of beer.

After this conversation, I went back and thought about all this. I asked myself many questions. But one question I could not answer was ‘if Jesus comes back while I am still drinking and having prostitutes around me, what will He do with me?’ So that night I had no peace. I woke up around midnight. I started praying even though I did not know how to pray. As I was praying, a light flashed around me. I was terrified but something spoke to me ‘continue praying’. I prayed until morning. It was that night that I received the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Light.

In the morning, I felt propelled to go and share what had happened. I started walking. I saw a car and asked God to stop it. The car stopped and gave me a ride into town. I went and spoke to my friends. They all thought I was crazy and high on drugs. I went to a radio station to give my testimony. They too thought I was mad. I met some policemen on the way and told them that they need to repent of their ways. One slapped me. The others said ‘maybe, the Lord has sent this guy’. I even went to the Catholic Church to talk about what had happened to me. Everyone thought I was mad. I then went to another church to meet a pastor and talk to him. They said he was too busy to see me, a dirty guy.

After all this, I went to find my uncle. I told him about Christ. He too thought I was mad. Nobody accepted my message. Later on, my own family began to accept that Christ had changed my life. They believed me because they have seen that I have changed. From then, until now I have been preaching the gospel in the city.’

Ganizani cannot read or write but he carries a Bible and had one when we met (borrowed from a Zimbabwean lady). One of our staff met him and he told her to tell me that he was now preaching the gospel. She told him to come and so here he was.

Ganizani needs to learn to read and write so he can read the Bible. We talked about a plan of action. We discussed together with him (both Diamond and I). In the end we came up with a discipleship plan. We are now responsible. We have heard his story. We cannot smile and send him on his way. God has brought him to us.

Ganizani will find lodging nearer Diamond so he can be discipled. He will move with Diamond and go where he goes and learn together. In addition, we will find him a tutor so he can learn to read and write. This is the reason for the ministry. This is our neighbor and unlike Cain, we choose to say, ‘yes, we are our brother’s keeper’. God has a call on this young man’s life. Talking to him is like coming into contact with passion and determination I have not seen in a long time. Coming into contact with him and hearing his story is challenging for us all. With no resources and illiterate and discouraged at every bend, this young man is reaching toward the goal of the high calling. This young man is advancing the kingdom through the encounter he has had with Jesus.

All he said that he preaches is this, ‘If Jesus were to come, what would he say about the way we are living our lives?’

Sunday, May 18, 2008

14th May, 2008 Matanda

We went to Matanda today. This is Jonas Chitukula’s zone. He is such a precious man of God. When I look at him, I think about ‘peace be still’. I have not been here in two years.

Our journey to Matanda is very eventful. First , we missed the exit and ended up on the way to Deya before Felix asked me where I was going. Returning, a friend showed us a shortcut (he was a man, I should have known). We ended up pushing our pastoral-mobil out of two tight situations. The road was tough and I begun to wonder if it was a reflection of what we were going to encounter. Then of course we got lost. The joys of ministry. It doesn’t get any better than this.

We arrived and the place was full of pastors. These are the guys in suits and bibles under their arms (you can see that this is bible they have owned for years). This is the learned group, who challenge the teaching and we had an amazing time. The subject…salvation! I love this topic. There were 47 pastors and leaders present. Three zones had come together, Mzondo, Deya and Matanda. There was an equal distribution of them all. They are active and do not need to be drawn out. This is a teacher’s dream. They make it fluid and crisp. They are here to learn and it is apparent.

At the end of it all, we agree that salvation is a grace thing and no one, no matter how devoted to Christ, can ever take credit. He has done it and accomplished all. He deserves the highest praise because nothing we will ever do will ever suffice. It is by grace that we are saved. It is the free gift of God.

There was an old lady that came up to me at the end and told me that in all her years of being alive, she had never heard teaching before, this was her first time. It is humbling to hear and amazing to comprehend. She looked in her late 60s. all those years… amazing.

A pastor said a t the end how they needed to go back and call all those that they have been teaching to correct some of the things they have been teaching. A friend said to me that ‘that is humility’. I agree. Admitting that you have had it wrong is not something we do well as people of God. We would rather say that we have grown into new things. These men are willing to admit. They sit and listen to a woman in jeans and a colourful shirt talk to them about salvation and they LISTEN. It still baffles me how people listen and then are blessed. This is me…with my drama and my issues and yet…God uses this fool and confounds the wise. I love that. I am a fool for Jesus. I have nothing in which to boast about and when I DO try that, God needs only remind me of who I am without His grace…. To God be the glory. For the transformation in the hearts of His people through His Word at His appointed time. What a privilege it is for Felix, Diamond and I to be a part of this work.

Leaving Matanda I just know that God is moving. I know we say that often, but it was there… in the atmosphere. There is a song that says ‘I feel it in the atmosphere…the power of the Lord is here’. Something is happening. Felix likes to say ‘it’s spreading like a prairie fire’. I always laugh. But it is. He is. His Spirit is moving.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

10th & 11th May 2008, Mngwangwa

Saturday we were in Mngwangwa. There were 82 people present on Saturday. This was a first. When I remember that this all begun under a tree with four people I can truly say ‘look at the grace of God’. We have begun our trip down history’s lane studying church history. Sometimes we take it for granted the things we know. We forget that we learnt those things and that others without access to books and teaching tapes and the like do not know. Because of this, people come in and teach all sorts and because of their charismatic speech, many are swayed. If you have nothing to read and the Jehovah’s Witness comes round with material for you to read, will you not accept it? after all, how different are they? People perish for a lack of knowledge. Should we keep quiet so as to keep the peace and equilibrium of our different beliefs, or should we shine a light where the dark is creeping in? Church history brings out so much stuff we wish we could forget. How far have we come from the truth of the word becomes the question. It is both an exciting and challenging topic. At the end of Saturday’s session someone asked the question about money, which launched us into a 45 minute discussion on money. This is the hottest subject whether village or town.

That afternoon we went and looked at the land. Our land! It was massive and for a moment I could see the things God had been speaking about to me for the past year. At that moment it became real. I knew this would be my home. Milanzi would be my neighbor (literally) and that it would not be long before he could worship God is a beautiful place. The excitement was a hum that never quite left. Even now I fail to express what it is like to SEE a vision begin to manifest. One day soon, ‘Yanganani Chisomo’ Centre will be on this piece of land and to God be the glory. Yanganani Chisomo means look at grace.

Sunday. There are days that you wake up and JUST KNOW that this is going to be an awesome day. Mine begun at two in the morning when God begun to share with me what He wanted me to minister that morning. So I woke up saying “trust in the Lord with all your heart…” and the rest of the scripture. I woke up different and feel different. There is a change that God does in you being in the villages. I’m not saying it cannot happen anywhere else. I am only saying it cannot happen this way.

We were with Milanzi and Faith Temple. We were home. The worship is beautiful in this place. Here the children praise with smiles on their faces. Here you forget everything and think about Jesus. Jesus is bigger for me here. There is not much here and so there is not much distract you from Jesus. He’s all the bigger. In the midst of such lack and needless suffering (some is needless having such simple solutions), Jesus is the only one that comes to mind. We talk about trusting God and the race that Jesus ran and gave us His medal and victory banner to run the victory lap. We are not running to win. We are MORE THAN conquerors. We talked about trusting the Alpha and Omega. It was exciting for everyone to get what alpha and omega mean. Our afternoon was just as wonderful. We finished our first session of church history and then went on to talk about tithing, which was the hot topic from the previous day. There were laughs and suprises as we went into the scriptures and discovers precious truths. We spoke about loving God and recognizing the purpose of tithing. We spoke of the widow and orphan and alien and levite. We talked about our mandate to care for those in need of our help. If we don’t help, who will? This was our discussion. There was a wonderful anointing throughout the entire day. I have never felt as I did. I have never taught as I did. Mr Nkhoma said “we are blessed every time but this is different.’ I agree. God did something amazing in our hearts.

Mr Nkhoma sat with his wife as did Sidwell and Milanzi. It was a beauty to see.
Leaving was hard, perhaps because I feel more at home than ever before. Milanzi, Sidwell and aNkhoma, leaving them…. The only consolation is that next week we shall be back and beyond that… one day we will not have to leave. It WILL be home!!!

7th May 2008, Mgona & Kamphata

Wednesday is our double shift day, or should I say our combo day. Two for the price of one. This Wednesday things were different. Raphael Diamond has now joined the pastoral team. Diamond is known for his interpretation with visiting ministers. The youth in the areas we minister are a thriving group and we realized that we needed to tap into them and better organize them. So we asked Diamond if he was willing to volunteer three days a week to helping us lead the youth groups. He is his name. he is a gem and a valued treasure and we are thankful that God has blessed us to work with him.

Wednesday begun with the pastoral mobil having two punctures. Then was the next vehicle whose insurance had yet to be renewed and so we were left with the minibus. All this took about a half hour, which made us late… first time ever. By the end of the morning, 13 people had received Christ. 6 where Felix and I were and seven where Diamond was. It was exciting. We understood the reason behind the delays and frustrations that came with them.
The afternoon was even greater. Kamphata is the centre for our youth and they did not disappoint. They chose the name and mission for their group. Conquerors. A beautiful name. they were excited about beginning the youth club and all that would happen. We were excited. God is moving at a pace we are not ready for. I almost feel that at some point I am going to have to hold onto something and just let it happen.

Here in Kamphata the youth want to care for the sick by drawing water for them, cleaning the homes and clothes and praying for them. With the forty kids in the room, I believe that Kamphata has yet to see all that God has for it. This is just the beginning!