Monday, June 30, 2008


In Mngwangwa. It is difficult to contain the joy that overflows every time I go. Right now I am one of Mngwangwa’s very own… for real. Last week I went to see the Traditional Authority, Kabudula. I am learning more and more that the culture of the village is so very different from what I am accustomed to. In the five hours that it took us to talk with the chiefs and then drive and see the T/A, I never spoke. I mean I conversed with Felix in the car as we drove but not once was I expected to speak in a group setting. I spent the entire time saying “zikomo” (thank you). Yes, I had to exercise the fruit of self control, what with my love for talking and all.
In the end, it was done, as of now I am the daughter of Chief Mngwangwa and the TA Kabudula.

For those that know nothing of what I am speaking about, I purchased some land in the village. I am a land owner in the village. I belong there and I want to live there one day (of course I have been profusely praying that my husband will go along with this). Before I build my home, though, we are building a centre (multipurpose hall). When I say we, I mean the community of believers and I. they are providing the moulding of bricks and I, the money for the rest. It all begun with our ministering at Floweza Milanzi’s church, which was a run down classroom with holes in the ground. So then, God begun to speak and after putting the pieces together, I knew I had to build a place for his congregation to meet as well as the group we minister to on the weekends. I sometimes feel like God gives us pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and we have to put the pieces together. As a group (we are made up of different churches) we move from place to place in order to meet. Sometimes we use the CCAP church but when they are busy we move to the hospital room. If they are busy we move to the school and that is when a room is available. So, a multipurpose centre it is. Of course with all this comes A GREAT MEASURE OF FAITH!! But thanks be to God that He increases our faith. Right now it is just 2 hectares of bush but we are visionaries and we see the future, where a community is transformed by the word of God. The Spirit of the Lord is transforming Mngwangwa, Kalimbira and Chilombo. What is within is about to manifest. I believe with all my heart that if we seek first His Kindgom and His righteousness, all other things will be added. Someone on a mission trip once said that they almost didn’t want the lives of people in the villages to change because with growth and change comes godlessness. I understood their point (even though I thought it was not articulated well because I got a little mad) but poverty is not the road to a godly life. Instead it is the first 4 words of the bible… IN THE BEGINNING GOD. If we recognize that He is the beginning of everything, we give Him glory and we are blessed. May we never lose sight of God blessing us. Even in the wilderness there was godlessness as well as in the promise land. It is a matter of the heart and not of the pocket. My heart is that the people of Mngwangwa, Kalimbira and Chilombo, the people of God receive all that God has for them, be it of the soul, body or spirit. May they prosper even as their soul prospers. May they have true prosperity… to know the heart of the Father and to have their own beat in rhythm with it!!! May we all press towards that with all our heart.
At present the community has moulded 20,000 bricks. They come twice a week and work together, different denominations, ages and sexes. They are united in this. “We believe that by Christmas we shall be dancing in the centre”. Yanganani Chisomo Centre. Look at the Grace of God Centre. It is by grace and grace alone that this will happen. We will be still and we will know that He is God!

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Debbie said...

Once again I just say WOW! It is wonderful what God is doing there through you and with you and the church there. That is also so cool that everyone is united together in making the bricks and working towards building the community center! So many bricks!! I look forward to singing and attempting dancing in the centre!