Sunday, June 8, 2008

4th June, Mgona

on wednesday we went to Mgona. it has been a month since being there. nine people gave their hearts to Jesus including a pastor of more than 80 people. He reaslised that baptism does not save you and that it is only by the gift og the life acquired through the sacrifice of the life of Jesus. he was the first to come forward and my heart went out to him. in the face of the other pastors and his own congregation, he stood up and came forward.

if this is not what all this is about, i'm not sure what else it is about. here is this man, who after so many years of pastoring has come into the Presence of the one he speaks of.

salvation is truly the greatest miracle. right before our eyes a person is translated from one kingdom into another - someone is brought from death to life. there is no greater moment than to be a part of the resurrection and the life, to be a part of Jesus.

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