Wednesday, June 18, 2008

18th June 2008, Nathenje


So here I am. I am not my usual self as I am wearing a traditional outfit. I feel very odd for a few moments but then it all fades away. Alas, the jeans are so much easier. I have dressed up for my Father, for myself and for the chiefs I am ministering to.

We wait an hour as they sort things out (there was a miscommunication and some have gone to another venue). You learn patience here in the communities. For one, people here tell time using the sun and so as winter comes in, time is usually misjudged. If you think I am making all this up, one of the chiefs explained this to me as he apologized for the delay. Looking at the overcast sky, there was no telling what time it was. It is interesting to note that in the era of cellular phones, that there are still people that use the sun to tell time. Imagine an overcast day and that your only way of telling time is the sun. What do you do? Some of this is over my head.

We were thirty – eight in the room; Felix, I and 36 chiefs and their spouses. We took off from where we had left off and our subject was ‘the new creation’. This was an exciting lesson. They were excited and as people getting to know each other, we were more at home with one another. Every time we speak about being a new creation in Christ I am overwhelmed. It doesn’t matter how many times we talk about it. When the eyes of someone in front of me are suddenly (or gradually) opened, I am in awe. Every time I speak of it, I experience more and more of the new creation. To be able to tell someone that God has created a whole new THING in us. We are temples of the Holy Spirit, which has never existed until the time that Christ Jesus, our Lord, rose from the grave.

There was an altar call at the end but no one came. Yes, sometimes it happens that no one comes forward. There was a definite conviction – it was there, in the atmosphere. Our prayer was that He that began a good work in them will finish it…

There is a wonderful old chief. He is the postcard type of man. What do I mean? He has a beautiful white beard, a cane and a strong handshake. He is close to his eighties. When I held his hand, we both began to laugh. It was joy. It was beautiful. There are so many beautiful brothers and sisters in the kingdom. We are so wealthy… so rich in relationship, in love. Oh, that we could truly understand that the greatest treasure God has entrusted us with is His people… nothing is worth more to Him than the ones He died for – gave His life for. You and I are responsible for the life of another. May we be found faithful in loving and treating HIS treasure with honour.

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