Sunday, May 11, 2008

7th May 2008, Mgona & Kamphata

Wednesday is our double shift day, or should I say our combo day. Two for the price of one. This Wednesday things were different. Raphael Diamond has now joined the pastoral team. Diamond is known for his interpretation with visiting ministers. The youth in the areas we minister are a thriving group and we realized that we needed to tap into them and better organize them. So we asked Diamond if he was willing to volunteer three days a week to helping us lead the youth groups. He is his name. he is a gem and a valued treasure and we are thankful that God has blessed us to work with him.

Wednesday begun with the pastoral mobil having two punctures. Then was the next vehicle whose insurance had yet to be renewed and so we were left with the minibus. All this took about a half hour, which made us late… first time ever. By the end of the morning, 13 people had received Christ. 6 where Felix and I were and seven where Diamond was. It was exciting. We understood the reason behind the delays and frustrations that came with them.
The afternoon was even greater. Kamphata is the centre for our youth and they did not disappoint. They chose the name and mission for their group. Conquerors. A beautiful name. they were excited about beginning the youth club and all that would happen. We were excited. God is moving at a pace we are not ready for. I almost feel that at some point I am going to have to hold onto something and just let it happen.

Here in Kamphata the youth want to care for the sick by drawing water for them, cleaning the homes and clothes and praying for them. With the forty kids in the room, I believe that Kamphata has yet to see all that God has for it. This is just the beginning!

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