Sunday, May 11, 2008

10th & 11th May 2008, Mngwangwa

Saturday we were in Mngwangwa. There were 82 people present on Saturday. This was a first. When I remember that this all begun under a tree with four people I can truly say ‘look at the grace of God’. We have begun our trip down history’s lane studying church history. Sometimes we take it for granted the things we know. We forget that we learnt those things and that others without access to books and teaching tapes and the like do not know. Because of this, people come in and teach all sorts and because of their charismatic speech, many are swayed. If you have nothing to read and the Jehovah’s Witness comes round with material for you to read, will you not accept it? after all, how different are they? People perish for a lack of knowledge. Should we keep quiet so as to keep the peace and equilibrium of our different beliefs, or should we shine a light where the dark is creeping in? Church history brings out so much stuff we wish we could forget. How far have we come from the truth of the word becomes the question. It is both an exciting and challenging topic. At the end of Saturday’s session someone asked the question about money, which launched us into a 45 minute discussion on money. This is the hottest subject whether village or town.

That afternoon we went and looked at the land. Our land! It was massive and for a moment I could see the things God had been speaking about to me for the past year. At that moment it became real. I knew this would be my home. Milanzi would be my neighbor (literally) and that it would not be long before he could worship God is a beautiful place. The excitement was a hum that never quite left. Even now I fail to express what it is like to SEE a vision begin to manifest. One day soon, ‘Yanganani Chisomo’ Centre will be on this piece of land and to God be the glory. Yanganani Chisomo means look at grace.

Sunday. There are days that you wake up and JUST KNOW that this is going to be an awesome day. Mine begun at two in the morning when God begun to share with me what He wanted me to minister that morning. So I woke up saying “trust in the Lord with all your heart…” and the rest of the scripture. I woke up different and feel different. There is a change that God does in you being in the villages. I’m not saying it cannot happen anywhere else. I am only saying it cannot happen this way.

We were with Milanzi and Faith Temple. We were home. The worship is beautiful in this place. Here the children praise with smiles on their faces. Here you forget everything and think about Jesus. Jesus is bigger for me here. There is not much here and so there is not much distract you from Jesus. He’s all the bigger. In the midst of such lack and needless suffering (some is needless having such simple solutions), Jesus is the only one that comes to mind. We talk about trusting God and the race that Jesus ran and gave us His medal and victory banner to run the victory lap. We are not running to win. We are MORE THAN conquerors. We talked about trusting the Alpha and Omega. It was exciting for everyone to get what alpha and omega mean. Our afternoon was just as wonderful. We finished our first session of church history and then went on to talk about tithing, which was the hot topic from the previous day. There were laughs and suprises as we went into the scriptures and discovers precious truths. We spoke about loving God and recognizing the purpose of tithing. We spoke of the widow and orphan and alien and levite. We talked about our mandate to care for those in need of our help. If we don’t help, who will? This was our discussion. There was a wonderful anointing throughout the entire day. I have never felt as I did. I have never taught as I did. Mr Nkhoma said “we are blessed every time but this is different.’ I agree. God did something amazing in our hearts.

Mr Nkhoma sat with his wife as did Sidwell and Milanzi. It was a beauty to see.
Leaving was hard, perhaps because I feel more at home than ever before. Milanzi, Sidwell and aNkhoma, leaving them…. The only consolation is that next week we shall be back and beyond that… one day we will not have to leave. It WILL be home!!!

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