Tuesday, May 6, 2008

4th May 2008, Mngwangwa

The first thing that touched my heart when we arrived was when we gave Mark two English bibles, for him and his wife, he said “I have to ask my wife to choose the one she wants. Mark is a remarkable man. He and his wife have twins (one boy and one girl). They are a young couple who are pastoring a Mngwangwa Baptist Church, a fellowship of over a hundred people that meet in a small open room that is actually a medical gathering place during the week. This Sunday there are over 85 of them huddled in this tiny room. This is the same place we started ministering in. This is the church fellowship of granny Adonia (the 76 year old granny). She was there with her smile. She smiles so genuine that you KNOW she has the light of God deep within her. She smiles a smile that tells you there is a place to get with the Father that is glorious. She smiles and her eyes shine bright. No exaggeration… she smiles. She began a song “judgie wama judgie, ndi judgie Yesu, judgie wama judgie” which translates “Jesus is the judge of judges” and also says, the lawyer of lawyers. Those are the only words but you get a sense of a deeper heart cry. It speaks of justice and how Jesus is there to execute justice for those who suffer injustice. I wonder what injustices granny Adonia has suffered and seen. She takes care of two orphans and three widows other widows. I met them. They looked even older than granny Adonia herself. She is quickly moulding her place in my heart. She gave us pumpkins and told us how she has wanted to give them two weeks earlier. Giving in the village always amazes me because I KNOW it is out of their lack that they give.

When we began they thanked God for the opportunity to be able to read the bible together. There were people huddled in groups all trying to read the psalms in concert. It was a sight to see! Every bible in the church was from partners and friends of Somebody Cares. Again it was a heartbreaker. Even with the joy of how the seven or so bibles WERE in the room, with it came the sorrow of imagining how many other churches are out there where there are no bibles? Can we imagine that? Do we dare or is it better to say… no way is there a place where there are NO bibles in the church. With what I have seen I will say this… don’t bet on it. It may be that the bible deficiency speeches have become a little tired for some but until there is a flourishing of availability of the word, I WILL NOT STOP!!!

This was the first place that I found a bible study before service (we learnt about doing the will of God). This is also the first place there was A SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS FOR THE CHILDREN. Ten children went outside and we could hear them quoting stuff at the top of their voices. Their teacher was Joy, the pastor’s wife.

I love these two, Mark and Joy. Their marriage is to be greatly admired. It is immediately obvious to the naked eye. Mark carries his wife’s bible. This statement may not carry a lot of weight for those who don’t understand that it is more likely to see a dinosaur than a man in the village carrying the load for his wife. I have never seen a man in the village do that. They sit together and talk with great smiles on their faces. Mark says… “I have learnt, I am learning and I WILL learn from my wife.” I love them because theirs is the definition of a God family. One that can apply biblical principles in the face of so much tradition! I wanted to stay and not leave. Everywhere I go I want to stay and be a part of these beautiful people’s lives for as long as I can.

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Great story Keta. Thanks for sharing it with us.