Thursday, July 31, 2008


So I must say that this is one of the best entries I get to write. There has been so much going on that when the dust settled I was able to stop and take stock of all that God has done. I’ll TRY make this short and sweet!

At the start of this year I was on a bible search. I challenged people through the blog to give towards bibles and I have to tell you all that God has done a MIGHTY work. Our target to begin with (yes, to begin with) was 100 from within and 1000 from without. At the time I thought I should set a reasonable target… one that would not disappoint. The truth is I was using faith even then, even with the REASONABLE target. At the time I had nothing, not one. The idea that we could raise over 1000 bibles sounded crazy. I shared the need to get the word in the communities with the office staff and my brother bought 10 full life study bibles!!! Next, I shared it with a friend in Wales and she sent money for 65 new testaments for the youth! We were on the road. I was overwhelmed at the response. We separated the oversees partners and friends from the local partners and friends to encourage us to take a stand and not wait for our family outside the country to help before we did something ourselves! Altogether as the body of Christ from different places and spaces, we have raised MK 1, 206, 940.00 (US$ 8,683.02). This is within 6 months… if you did not believe in miracles, I want you to know that you have been a part of ONE. If you wanted your hand to stretch out and make a difference, I want you to know that you have!!! The greatest miracles are the ones that are seed… they keep on going! I am the most privileged of people as I get to see THE EFFECTS, but blessed are those who believe without seeing. I get to hand them out and watch their eyes as they own their very first bible! I can promise you that your blessing and sacrifice and effort and everything else you have put in together with us in seeing this come to life, I can promise you that God, who is El Roi, sees. He is the all seeing God and what you have done in secret He will reward you in public. I have cried all the joy tears I can. It is such a grace to know that so many will be blessed through you. At present our kitty is at MK 1, 121, 200.00 (US$8066.18). our plan is to buy different types of bibles. Below is the list of bibles

800 Bibles - for all who cannot get access to bibles
24 Children's bibles – for teachers within the centres and Sunday school teachers in some churches
20 Proclaimers – this is the ‘talking bible’ that is solar powered for those who cannot read and for the children to listen to. They are able to get together and have a group listen and study.
200 Full Life study bibles – for the many pastors who still do not have access to the bible!

Remember this, this is the beginning. Remember that so many remain in the dark without access to the Word that is light. Don’t ever stop caring about this because the Word of God is the lamp to our feet and the light to our path. The Word of God is powerful and the revealer of our heart condition. The Word of God is the crusher of resistance. The Word of God is food for our spirit. The Word of God is LIFE!!! IS CHRIST!!!

This goes out to all of you who gave, prayed, campaigned and believed with us. Together let us declare into the heavens that He that called us is Faithful!!!

Okay, so it wasn’t short but it sure was sweet!

Smile, that’s it! Just smile!

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