Thursday, April 17, 2008

12th - 13th April, Mngwangwa & Chilombo

Mngwangwa. Yes, the place I call home.
Saturday and Sunday we ministered to the leadership group in Mngwangwa. Our subject was the church as a building and all we can understand from that. We spoke about our solid front and mostly about Christ being the foundation. We talked about having people there who share our vision and to whom we are accountable as well as encouraged and protected by. We had so much fun because this group is free to express itself. We had a debate of sorts. Every time I come here I feel lighter. These people, my family, they have a way of lightening the load. Looking at their dedication and deep hunger for God makes all the other stuff seem less important. I guess I will never know if I would cycle for an hour and a half after ministering the Sunday service to hear more about God. I would like to say I would but the truth is I will never know. But it is here that Luseni Nkhoma and others like him cycle from another village just to hear the word. These are my champions. We spend the morning interchanging between worship and teaching. It is wonderful! There was a lady there that received a bible along with four others. Her name is Adonia Malota, a widow for the last ten years. She is 76 years old and takes care of four other widows around her age. She is always there with this incredible bright smile. Her pastor told me she has been saved for fifteen years and this was her first bible. Imagine owning your first and probably ONLY bible at the age of 76? To God be the glory.
Milanzi’s baby of 3 years old was admitted into hospital and I found him at the teaching. We dropped him at the hospital right after together with Mr Nkhoma whose father was having an operation done there. These brothers of mine are a true inspiration. These are real lives, no movie, no script.
21 people made the decision to follow Jesus on Sunday morning and after that things actually blur because it’s then we realise the reason for all this. When the entrance of God’s word brings light, that is the purpose of ministry. We were in Chilombo village at Calvary Chapel with Sidwell Mwale. The church has grown since we were here last. This Sunday morning there were 65 people present. Sidwell is so proud. This is one man who loves the word of God and whenever he speaks it is always in line with the word. He challenges me, greatly. He has nothing but the Word. Here I am in the city with my mini library of books. He challenges me to remember that the Word of God is the primary thing.
Everywhere I go in the villages, Sunday morning has testimony time. I wish we never threw that baby out with the bathwater because it is so encouraging. A lady testified about her brother coming to visit and bringing her a skirt and blouse. The saints clapped and praised God. I was overwhelmed. A second lady rose and praised God. She was a pumpkin seller. On her rounds she met a customer who told how she was blessed by her always. The customer then gave her two blouses, two skirts, one jean and a ‘chitenje’. She was wearing three of the clothes. She was so excited and I was reminded of a time I understood that everything I have comes from God; a time when I was not so proud and self sufficient.
I can only be thankful for the blessing of God in allowing me the opportunity to see all that I have.
On my bookshelf there is a bowl with soil in it. It is from the land I have my heart set on purchasing in Mngwangwa because ever since my early visits, I knew that is would one day become my home. It is 2 acres and opposite Milanzi’s place. How funny that we may one day be neighbours. Right now I am frozen at the thought of what type of bathrooms I will have and questioning God on the feasibility of the whole plan. But then, God will always prevail, so why fight Him? Mr Nkhoma, Sidwell and Milanzi walked us through the boundaries of it and we talked about the plans God had for the land. It is not a moment I will easily forget. Our hearts were full. By faith we took soil and declared it our own. God knows what the future holds. Our only job is to line with that.

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